Where To Buy Electronic Cigarettes In China?

There are many electronic cigarette manufacturers in China. They each have their brand and popularity, inside this industry sector, e-cigarettes are rapidly rising in China, and more and more people like e-cigarettes in the streets, bars, entertainment venues, offices, and so on. More and more of our friends are starting to sell e-cigarettes on their own.

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China’s e-cigarette market shows an upward trend

In recent years, e-cigarettes, as a product advertised as an alternative to cigarettes, have been welcomed by smokers, especially young consumers, for their healthy, fashionable, and personalized image by their ability to significantly reduce harmful ingredients.

Market situation

1. At home and abroad

So far Shenzhen accounts for 90 percent of the world’s e-cigarette manufacturers. In China domestic Shenzhen ranked first with 28.5% of the country. The numbers are staggering. In just a few short years, China has become the world’s largest manufacturer of e-cigarettes.

2. China’s e-cigarette industry entered a reshuffling phase

In 2003, Chinese pharmacist Han Li applied for the first patent for modern e-cigarettes, which opened the era of modern e-cigarettes in China. 2009-2018, is the golden period of the development of the electronic cigarette industry, in this period the technical threshold of the industry is low, and the scope of state regulation is not clear, providing the industry with the opportunity for rapid expansion, the rise of a large number of domestic brands, and increased competition in the industry; in 2019, the State regulation of electronic cigarettes gradually clear, and began to prohibit online sales, the electronic cigarette industry into the reshuffle phase, the future industry will be more orderly development.

3. Electronic Cigarette Industry Industry Chain Analysis

The electronic cigarette industry chain includes upstream raw material suppliers, electronic cigarette design manufacturers, and downstream sales companies.
— From the upstream raw material level, it can be divided into battery raw material suppliers (battery, battery cell, control circuit), atomizer raw material suppliers (plastic, glass, hardware, heating resistor), and vape oil, raw material suppliers. The midstream is mainly the design and manufacture of electronic cigarettes, which can be divided into two categories: professional electronic cigarette manufacturing enterprises and international tobacco giant manufacturing departments, and Chinese vape oil enterprises mainly OEM/ODM, OEM production for internationally renowned brands. The downstream is delivered to retailers through agents and distributors, including well-known e-cigarette brands, supermarkets, convenience stores, and pharmacies.

4. China’s electronic cigarette industry development prospects analysis

China has the world’s largest group of smokers, the number of smokers is nearly 400 million people, which is seven times the number of smokers in the United States. Based on the huge number of smokers in China, if the future penetration rate of China’s e-cigarette market can reach half of the penetration rate of the U.S. market, the size of China’s e-cigarette market will be significantly increased; in recent years, the introduction of tobacco control regulations across the country is also expected to accelerate the penetration rate.

5. E-cigarettes become popular worldwide, with market sales of $42.4 billion by 2020

E-cigarettes have become an innovative electronic consumer product that is becoming more and more popular around the world.

From the development of the market size of the global e-cigarette industry, it seems that the overall size of the e-cigarette industry is showing an upward trend. iiMedia Research (Ai Media Consulting) data show that the market sales of the global e-cigarette industry continue to rise in 2020, reaching $42.4 billion, an increase of 15.6% year on year.

From the market sales structure data, the current e-cigarette market is highly concentrated, mainly in the U.S. e-cigarette sales market. 2019 U.S. e-cigarette sales reached $16 billion, accounting for 48% of total global sales, becoming the world’s largest e-cigarette consumer country. This is followed by countries such as Britain, France, and Germany, where the market share of e-cigarette sales is more than 5%.

AIMC analysts believe that although countries have introduced regulatory policies on e-cigarettes, the development of the e-cigarette industry enthusiasm is undiminished. The strong growth of the global e-cigarette market is mainly attributed to the increasing acceptance of e-cigarette products by consumers, the aggressive marketing activities of tobacco companies, and the accelerated innovation and product development process by e-cigarette manufacturers.

6. Users to young and middle-aged male groups, heating non-combustion class electronic cigarettes is expected to become a new growth point

Ai media consulting survey data show that 2021Q1 Chinese e-cigarette users are mainly male groups, accounting for 64.9%; age to young and middle-aged people, accounting for nearly 70%. More than half of the users believe that e-cigarettes can relieve their dependence on nicotine and smoking, and e-cigarette flavor diversity is also an advantage that attracts users.

When shopping for e-cigarettes, 37.3% of e-cigarette consumers choose e-cigarettes under 100 yuan. It can be seen that although the Chinese e-cigarette market has received capital attention in recent years, the tobacco industry market development is still concentrated in the traditional tobacco companies, consumer product use out of a trial mentality more, and the acceptable purchase price is low, the penetration rate and penetration rate of electronic cigarettes in China are still at a low level, the market still has some room for development.

In terms of e-cigarette product experience, the biggest concern of e-cigarette users is the short battery life (46.8%), followed by continuous high temperature, material quality, oil leakage, and battery short circuit. It can be seen that the battery life, the convenience of an oil change, and the price is the main direction in which users expect the improvement of electronic cigarette products.

Ai media consulting analysts believe that there are no national standards to define the nature of electronic cigarettes, and product positioning can easily become an obstacle for consumers to use the product. In addition, the development of the industry is still immature, the market lack the comprehensive strength of outstanding enterprises and has not formed a good reputation for the brand, and consumers also lack confidence in the quality of the product guarantee.

It is worth mentioning that heating non-combustion class electronic cigarette devices have less harmful than traditional tobacco and the taste is most similar to the product, which is very popular among users. Survey data show that in February 2021, 35% of Chinese e-cigarette users prefer heated non-combustible e-cigarettes. User demand drives product market development, and the market size of China’s heated non-combustible e-cigarettes is expected to reach 2.30 billion yuan in 2021.


For the above data and analysis please refer to the Foresight Industry Research Institute “China’s new tobacco products industry market demand forecast and investment strategic planning analysis report”, while the Foresight Industry Research Institute provides industrial data, industrial planning, industrial declaration, industrial park planning, industrial investment, and other solutions.