What types of vapes brand manufacturers are standard

In the electronic cigarette product industry, it is a common phenomenon for sellers to look for OEM/ODM partners for electronic cigarette product factories, and Shenzhen, as the world’s largest electronic cigarette product factory production base, has a large number of electronic cigarette product agents to provide a complete supply chain for new entrants.

But how to choose, to find a reliable, strong, and good factory, for the fledgling “white” salesman, is indeed a major problem. Before that, we should first understand what characteristics a reliable electronic cigarette product OEM has.

The so-called trustworthiness has no more than two aspects: the two sides of the resources can be better matched, two-way rapid integration, rapid response, happy to cooperate, trustworthy, and trustworthy. And electronic cigarette manufacturers are not reliable, product quality is difficult to control, poor product experience, there are safety risks, the factory comes with a “landmine” body, the delivery can not be delivered on time, there are many uncertainties, resulting in the product in the market by consumer complaints, cooperation is also very tired. Therefore, the partnership to do business or to shine a light on the choice, find a reliable partner.

Although Shenzhen already has more than 600 electronic cigarette factories, its production capacity still accounts for 90% of the world’s.
However, behind the huge production capacity, it is the status quo of uneven and shoddy manufacturers of electronic cigarette products.
So how can you find a reliable e-cigarette product manufacturer to cooperate with?


I have summarized the following principles, I hope they will be helpful to you:
1: Choose a manufacturer of electronic cigarette products established for a long time, established for a relatively long period of time.
The OEM processing time mentioned here is long, at least I think at least 8 years.
Electronic cigarette products OEM is more attention to the research and technology of the link, a no time to settle the electronic cigarette products generation factory, the practice of experience is not rich enough, and there will be a variety of imperfections, which is also the subsequent conduct of poor cooperation fuse.
Not after the baptism of time manufacturers, whether production capacity or customer service capabilities, and a variety of cooperation guarantee system, are not guaranteed.

No intention to bash these young e-cigarette products OEMs, they are not absolute, but as far as the industry is concerned, this is the case.
Second: look at the size of the factory, look at the scale of production, is an important measure of the strength of the electronic cigarette products OEM factory production.

The larger the scale of business operations, the stronger the strength of the enterprise, the stronger the production and processing capabilities, and the enterprise’s for cooperation will be more assured.
Second, the large factory has mastered the core technology of electronic cigarette products, there is a production line to ensure production capacity, can provide the market with a variety of brands of one-stop OEM / ODM solutions.

And some small factories are not fully qualified, some even do not have the appropriate qualifications, the product is easy to add unsafe ingredients, leakage of tobacco oil, poor quality batteries and other serious quality and safety risks.
Therefore, in the selection of electronic cigarette products cooperation factory, you should apply to its factory for inspection, to see its location, covers an area, plant size, etc., through a series of external conditions to determine whether they are strong.


Three: according to the quality of the product and product diversity to choose no matter for which purpose and electronic cigarette product generation factory mutual cooperation, customers are hoping to get high quality electronic cigarette products, we must go to the manufacturer when choosing the electronic cigarette product factory.

See how the quality of their products when they leave the factory, whether they have a complete quality testing system, and whether they meet your quality requirements (not only a good appearance and texture, but also a very good vape oil and atomization device).
If the foundry itself does not pay attention to quality, the production process and after production are not to check, then it is very difficult to ask the foundry to do a good job of quality. Second, the market demand for electronic cigarette products is diverse, electronic cigarette products manufacturers can ensure product quality, but also to provide a rich and diverse product range for customers to choose. For sellers, finding a reliable factory with a wide variety of electronic cigarette products can better meet the market and the different choices of customers.


Four: look at the factory R & D strength R & D capability is the core competitiveness of the electronic cigarette products OEM / ODM factory, especially the research and development of electronic cigarette products, high technology, raw material formulations, the need for high-tech, high-precision, high process matching. And examined the manufacturer’s R & D center or laboratory to its R & D strength can be seen at a glance.

Manufacturers have strong capital, large investment in scientific and technological research and development, more talents, complete equipment, large scale, with more patents, digital construction is perfect, with strong innovation and R & D capabilities, and can independently develop new products. Like many dealers looking for electronic cigarette factory’s purpose is not only to establish their own supply channels, more to meet the needs of local customers, but also hope that the factory can process customized electronic cigarette products according to their customers’ requirements.

In this case, the search for electronic cigarette products mutual cooperation manufacturers should be especially cautious. Being able to research and improve the e-cigarette product production program based on the needs raised by the distributor requires a high degree of customizability.

Sellers need to know if this e-cigarette factory has its own professional research and development team and equipment, so that they can ensure that they can meet the needs of different customers for e-cigarette products.
Fifth, you can choose according to your needs, through the service power Finally, it is necessary to examine the service power of the foundry, mainly to see the factory’s responsiveness.

OEM/ODM process is relatively long, very test factory service force, strong service force with a strong order, the process is smooth and short. After-sales service is good OEM factory, delivery cycle on time.

Poor maintenance force of the factory, usually are delivery time, the factory can not deliver on time, the customer side of the bad account.
So such a problem, the dealer should try to avoid, so that the customer will not have doubts about us in all aspects. On the other hand, also for their own needs to choose, like a large factory to produce their own large orders, you say to him to cooperate in small quantities, is very difficult.
The factory has not formed a process, usually scheduling arbitrary, you want it to guarantee delivery time is also a bit difficult.
In general, looking for a factory and looking for the other half of the same, mutual cooperation at the beginning to understand, all areas are satisfied, and then consider mutual cooperation. But do not hold too much also hope to change the foundry, any foundry has its own industry development stage and business management philosophy, to a certain extent constitutes the inertia.