What should I do if the e-cigarette pod leaks oil?

When we use Vapes products, sometimes we feel that a small sip is sweet, and even a feeling of numbness in the mouth.
Because Vapes produce a liquid called condensed water, many of our users do not know whether it is oil leakage or excessive accumulation of condensed water when using it.

So how to deal with the oil leakage of the pod? What caused the oil spill? How to tell if it’s an oil leak or condensation? There are generally two possibilities for oil leakage in pods, one is oil leakage at the head, and the other is oil leakage at the bottom. There are two ways of judging here.

1. Cartridge head test
Step 1: Use a paper towel to clean the oil-leaking part of the machine head, then shake the machine head down 10 times, then roll it into a thin strip with toilet paper to clean the inside of the pod.
Step 2: Repeat the operation of the first step. If there is little or no oil leakage at the top, it means condensation. is normal. If there is suction after use, and there is suction, it is an oil leak.

(Note: If you repeat more than 3 times, there is still liquid in your roll paper, and oil will come out as soon as you use it, then you can basically confirm that there is an oil leak. You can choose not to use it, or carry out the after-sales treatment.)

2. Bottom oil leakage detection
The judgment of oil leakage at the bottom is actually the simplest. Generally, oil leakage at the bottom is enough. The naked eye can see that there is liquid coming out of the bottom.

Due to the serious oil leakage at the bottom, it could not be stopped at all. So the naked eye can tell if there is an oil leak.
In addition to this, there is another reason that must be paid attention to. Some friends will also make mistakes in operation, which will also cause oil leakage from the range hood. For example, if you lie on the bed and use it, sucking back will also cause the pod to leak oil. We should also pay attention when using it. , do not suck back, and do not use directly after inversion.