What are the main ingredients of vaping cartridges?

Electronic cigarettes have long been familiar to many consumers nowadays. As a consumable in the process of using electronic cigarettes, cigarette cartridges have naturally entered everyone’s vision. Mainstream electronic cigarette cartridges are mainly composed of a mouthpiece, airway, oil storage chamber, atomization core, and electrode column.

Suction nozzle: the exit of the smoke, is used to smoke the place, the user has a certain impact on the comfort of use;

air channel: the transmission channel of smoke, has a very strong influence on the production and control of condensate;

oil storage compartment: storage space for electronic cigarette oil, equivalent to the fuel tank of a car, directly related to how long a smoke bomb can be smoked;

Atomization core: the core component that heats the atomization of electronic cigarette oil and determines the key elements of the product’s performance, taste, and user experience;

Electrode column: connected to the battery rod to supply electrical energy to the atomization core.
What are the main components of the cigarette cartridge?

The main component that determines the taste and flavor of the electronic cigarette is electronic cigarette oil.

E-cigarette oil is generally composed of five major types of raw materials. They are PG (propylene glycol), VG (vegetable glycerin also known as propanetriol), flavor, tobacco extract, and nicotine salt.

1, PG (PropyleneGlycol), also known as propylene glycol, is a common drug and food additive. It is hygroscopic and hygroscopic, slightly sweet, colorless, odorless and transparent liquid with good fluidity. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) definition of PG is “generally safe for humans”. PG as one of the basic ingredients of electronic cigarette oil is mainly used as a carrier of flavor, to enhance the taste of electronic cigarette oil, after heating will produce a small amount of fog, and with a certain sense of throat. It also has the function of diluting the VG, making the electronic cigarette oil less viscous and easy to guide the oil. e-cigarette oil with high PG content is generally thicker in taste, slightly stronger in throat, and relatively smaller in smoke volume.

2, VG (VegetableGlycerin), also known as vegetable glycerin or propanetriol. As with PG, it is also a very widely used raw material in daily life. Careful friends look around cosmetics, food, wine, sugar, these packaging labeled ingredients have “propylene glycol, propanetriol”. Especially people who like to eat sweets, the amount of VG intake is also a lot. The main role of VG in electronic cigarette oil is to produce fog.

VG will produce a lot of fog after heating, generally used big smoke or dripping oil atomizer friends should know, want to improve the amount of smoke, you need to use the finished oil to add a lot of VG to produce the ideal smoke. vg has high hygroscopicity, and very sticky.

3, flavoring, flavoring in the electronic cigarette oil is very important, counted as the soul of the electronic cigarette oil. The flavor of electronic cigarette oil is determined by the flavor. Different flavors of flavor with the proportion of how much to determine the flavor of an electronic cigarette oil. The general flavor of the unique electronic cigarette oil, the flavor formula is also very complex. There are some special flavors, such as “mint”, will also have a sense of throat.

4, tobacco extract, in the original cigarette, tobacco extract is often used to complement the aroma of tobacco, enrich the leaf group formula, so that the smoke is more rich and full. In the tobacco flavor electronic atomizing liquid products, tobacco extract as the main tobacco aroma-causing substances, to a large extent to restore the original tobacco flavor.

5, nicotine salt (the main component is nicotine) is mainly used to relieve tobacco addiction and produce a sense of throat hit. And has a certain role in enhancing the taste of tobacco oil. The concentration of nicotine in tobacco oil is commonly 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, the new national standard for electronic cigarette products stipulates that the content of nicotine in tobacco oil shall not be higher than 20mg/g. The larger the number, the higher the concentration of nicotine in each milliliter of tobacco oil, the stronger the throat hitting sensation. Of course, the entrance is also more choking.
Is there nicotine and tar in e-cigarette cartridges?

The new national standard for e-cigarette products stipulates that e-cigarette cartridges must contain nicotine, which means they will definitely contain nicotine. However, there is no tar in the smoke oil of the cartridge.