Total ban on flavoring for heating tobacco, says German government

Germany has certainly been very prolific this year in its fight against smoking and, to some extent, e-cigarettes. After the German Bundesrat voted to ban puffs last March, the Federal Council has just approved a ban on sweetened cigarettes, cigarettes, and heated tobacco products. The measure was already based by Parliament last month.

The federal government commissioner for drugs and addiction, Burkhard Blienert, has already said that if the ban does not apply to e-liquids for e-cigarettes, it could still catch up with e-cigarette users in the near future, and he has already voiced his support for extending it to e-cigarette products.

Under this new law, Germany is ahead of European legislation. In fact, the European Commission issued Directive 2022/2100 on November 3, 2022, amending the previous Directive 2014/40. The amendment modifies Article 7, which hitherto prohibited the “placing on the market of tobacco products containing characteristic aromas”, according to the addition of heated tobacco products. Member states must implement the new law by October 23, 2023 at the latest.

Germany has now been finalizing this work for several months already.