How are common vapes vape oil flavors and nicotine content calculated and classified?

How to classify the most common e-cigarette smoking oil flavors?
The more common e-cigarette smoke oil flavors currently on the market can be divided into five types.
Tobacco flavors: Simulated tobacco (that is, imitation of existing traditional cigarette aroma, such as China, Hibiscus King, Liqun, Marlboro, etc.); ordinary tobacco (that is, the full use of a variety of tobacco and edible flavor blending production, with a unique blend of tobacco aroma, such as light tobacco, nut tobacco, classic tobacco, etc.).

Fruit flavors: this is currently the largest variety of flavors on the market. Usually, the most common fruits, such as apples, mangoes, lemons, watermelon, grapes, blueberries, etc., and each fruit can be made into different taste directions according to their different ripening periods, such as green apples and red apples, ripe mangoes, and green mangoes, watermelon flesh, and watermelon rind, etc.
Herbal taste: imitate the taste of herbaceous plants. Such as mint, vanilla, licorice, etc.

Beverage flavors imitate the taste of various types of beverages. Such as cola, Fanta, coffee series, wine series
Tea flavors: imitation of the taste of famous tea drinks. Such as Dahongpao, Tieguanyin, oolong tea, Longjing tea, mono-fir tea, etc.
In order to enrich the product line of electronic cigarette smoke oil, electronic cigarette smoke oil manufacturers in addition to the development of the above more common electronic cigarette smoke oil flavors, in recent years, more electronic cigarette smoke oil manufacturers began to turn the research and development to the functionality of electronic cigarette smoke oil.

The so-called “functional” actually refers to the most commonly used cigarette oil formula, adding one or several ingredients containing special effects, to promote the finished cigarette oil in addition to its own taste with a special utility. For example.

Sleeping effect of CBD (cannabidiol, mainly used in the medical field, is the non-addictive part of cannabis) simply means that it can soothe the mind and body).
skin rejuvenation and whitening (contains skin rejuvenation and whitening agents which in turn have antioxidants capable of slowing down skin aging and suppressing hyperpigmentation)

Melatonin (also known as melatonin, melatonin, melatonin, pineal glandular hormone, mainly used to delay aging and improve sleep).
Vitamins (vitamins, also known as vitamins, are a class of organic substances necessary to maintain the body’s vital activities, and are also important active substances to maintain human health)

How is the nicotine content in tobacco oil calculated?
Usually, the label states “xxmg” refers to the amount of nicotine in 1 gram of tobacco oil, not just the amount of nicotine in a bottle of tobacco oil. The nicotine content in e-liquid usually has the following concentrations: 0 mg per liter, 6 mg/ml, 12 mg/ml, 18 mg/ml, 24 mg/ml, 36 mg/ml; the current nicotine content on the market is not the strongest only stronger, but generally the most regular manufacturers will launch 24 or 36 mg per ml of vaping oil, remember not to choose some super high concentration of electronic cigarette Cigarette oil.


How is the nicotine content in cigarettes calculated?
A box of cigarettes, there are marked “nicotine nicotine content 1.0mg, 1.2mg” and so on, here 1.0mg, 1.2mg refers to the nicotine content of a cigarette. If you feel the need for a liquid between the above concentrations can buy two different concentrations of the mix to do simple addition and subtraction on OK, for example, 3 = (06)/2 calculate the nicotine content of cigarettes: for example, if you smoke cigarettes each cigarette nicotine content is 1.1 (nicotine content = the amount of nicotine, the left side of the cartridge will be marked) that is as follows: 1.1 × 20 = 22 mg average person a day Consumption of tobacco oil is about 2 to 4 milliliters, if two milliliters a day, it is recommended to choose 11 milligrams.

Electronic cigarette oil leakage has nothing to do with the oil?
Electronic cigarette oil is added according to a certain ratio, with a certain viscosity and fluidity, if the electronic cigarette oil leakage, you should moderate the ratio of propylene glycol and propanetriol. However, the oil leakage is also very likely to be related to the working environment, the use of electronic cigarettes in the environment of high altitude flight and low pressure will also make the separation of substances in the oil (PG, VG), and may cause oil leakage and infiltration into the battery, low pressure is also easy to make the battery bubble, and then affect the switch short circuit.

What are the most popular e-cigarette flavors on the market today?
There is no best, only better. The first is the fruit flavor, fruit flavor is common vape oil flavor table, has been undoubtedly the mainstream of the market, also has the most spice type. There are still new flavors that will appear, not all of them are shown here, but they are representative, almost every fruit flavor, there are outstanding finished commercial vape oil. To put it in detail, the popular vape oils are watermelon ice, white peach oolong, green beans, old popsicles, taro ice cream, classic tobacco, chopped iron sword (mint) and so on.

How should consumers choose electronic cigarette oil flavor?
Electronic cigarette oil thousands of flavors, first of all, you can choose based on personal preferences, on the other hand, try to choose the market hot products, choose aroma delicate, pure taste, restoration, better hierarchy of the product. Choose well-known brands and hot products, from raw materials, spare parts are with strict testing qualification certification, first of all, is the problem of security, followed by after-sales service is also a basic guarantee.