HHC total ban in France: “It’s just a matter of weeks”, says Minister of Health

In an interview with FranceInfo, François Braun claimed that HHC should soon be classified as a narcotic and that it should be completely banned from sale in France.
Last week we were talking about it, HHC, the synthetic cannabinoid that is becoming more and more common in the French market, should soon be banned in France. Asked about it on FranceInfo, Health Minister FrançoisBraun said he thinks he should be classified as a narcotic in the next few weeks.

“There is a hole in the racket that needs to be patched as soon as possible so that there will be no more of these totally irregular free sales. They’re taking advantage of the glitch (…) Classification. They are not narcotics. Honestly, I think they will be soon,” said the minister, later adding, “I think it will take a few weeks.”

In this interview, François Braun also reiterated his desire for a total ban on Puffs, small disposable e-cigarettes, which he described this time as a “public health disaster” because “it leads to smoking among young people “”. He also spoke of an “ecological disaster” in which Puffs are simply discarded, noting that the batteries they contain cannot be recycled.

The CNCT was also asked about the proposal to postpone the minimum legal age of access to tobacco products from 18 to 21, and the minister said he had no “clear opinion” on the issue, preferring to wait for the “opinion of scientists”.

Finally, on the issue of heated tobacco, François Braun said that he would “very clearly increase taxes in the next social security finance law (in) also” to facilitate the balance with the taxes on cigarettes.