2023 first half of China’s exports of vapes to the United States, disposable vapes accounted for 74%

According to Chinese customs data, China’s export of e-cigarettes to the United States in the first half of 2023 has two supreme statistics.

According to statistics, from January to June 2023, the value of China’s e-cigarette exports to the United States was 1.489 billion US dollars, accounting for 48.20% of the export value for the whole year of last year, down 2.2% year-on-year, accounting for 27.15% of China’s total exports.

At the same time, the total export of e-cigarettes was about 30,700 tons, equivalent to 55.2% of the annual export volume in 2022, an increase of 17.77% year-on-year, accounting for 29.48% of China’s total export.
Among them, the export value and volume of e-cigarettes in April were the highest in the first half of the year, at $307 million and 6319.47 tons, respectively.
According to the data, compared with last year, the value of China’s e-cigarette exports to the United States fluctuated significantly from January to March this year and was relatively stable from April to June.
However, unlike the changing trend of export value, from February to June, China’s e-cigarette exports to the United States maintained a year-on-year growth of about 30%.


In terms of product type, from January to June 2023, the value of China’s one-time e-cigarette exports to the United States reached $1.1 billion, accounting for about 74% of China’s total e-cigarette exports to the United States, with an average monthly export value of about $183 million.
The export value of other e-cigarette brands (mainly loaded and open) was $389 million, with an average monthly export value of about $65 million.

From the point of view of export prices, in the first half of 2023, the export price of e-cigarettes in China is about $62.52 per kilogram. Among them, the average export price of disposable e-cigarettes is $42.54 per kg, while the average export price of other e-cigarette brands (open and loaded) is $82.49 per kg.
From January to June, the average price of disposable e-cigarette products reached its highest level in January, with an average price of $45.84 per kilogram; The lowest level was reached in June when the price per kilogram was $39.18, and the price of disposable e-cigarette products continued to decline slowly.
Other e-cigarette brands (open, loaded) had the highest average price in March, at $88.24, but the lowest price in February, at $74.46 per kilogram.

U.S. FDA Program Invests $3.9 Million in Research Applied to Vape Vape Oil Flavors

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) awarded a $3.9 million grant to the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Center for Tobacco Research, applicable to evaluating the impact of e-cigarette flavors on the smoking behaviors of current adult smokers, according to a related NewsMedicalLifesciences report.

The study will be co-led by Theodore Wagener, director of Ohio State’s Center for Tobacco Research, and Tracy Smith of the Medical University of South Carolina’s Hollings Cancer Center.

Wagener said, “The FDA must decide how to balance the goals of protecting young people and providing harm reduction options for adults. This one new trial will generate critical data to assist in making more informed public health decisions with lasting impact.”

Wagner said, “FDA is currently making regulatory decisions about e-cigarette flavors based on incomplete scientific data. It is now incomplete that smokers also prefer flavored e-cigarettes, and while there are some research studies suggesting that flavored e-cigarettes may be more conducive to switching to smoking, these studies are not rigorous enough for the FDA to make regulatory decisions based on them. Our study will provide the FDA with the first definitive information on whether e-cigarette flavors are beneficial to adult smokers.”

The nationwide randomized controlled trial will enroll up to 1,500 smokers nationwide, and researchers will measure the effects of e-cigarette flavors on product acceptance and appeal, craving for cigarettes, symptoms, dependence, and smoking behavior. Combined nicotine replacement therapy will be used as a comparison group to identify the potential gains of e-cigarettes compared to nicotine replacement therapy.

Wagner said, “If our study proves that flavored e-cigarettes do not show significant improvement in shifting to smoking, then continued marketing of these products may not be defensible; unbeknownst to us, if the improvement is significant, these findings will provide a critical comparison to current FDA regulatory requirements and aid in future decision-making.”

9 Quick Fixes to Eliminate Small Bubbles from Disposable Vape

Just when we think we’ve learned everything we need to know about disposable Vape pens, bubbles form. Too much air pressure, too little air pressure, the wick of a pod, the list of things that can cause little bubbles never ends! Don’t panic, small bubbles are normal.

Even experienced Vape users have a hard time poking small bubbles in their Vape pens, which is why we developed these troubleshooting tips.
Have you just purchased a brand-new disposable e-cigarette that doesn’t work? Don’t worry – we’ve got the solution.

9 Quick fix for small bubbles
Regardless of why small bubbles exist, you need to remove them. You may have been worried about unwanted small bubbles for years, but they only take a few seconds to burst!

Read on to learn how to remove small bubbles from a disposable vape as quickly as possible.
Squeeze the sides
A little gentle pressure may be just what you need to pop those pesky little bubbles.
Turn the e-cigarette pen upside down so the tip is facing down.
Gently squeeze the side where the little bubbles are.
In most cases, this will be enough to force the little bubbles to dissipate.

Removing the rubber stopper
Many modern Vape pens come with a rubber stopper. In short, it stops the e-liquid in the tank from leaking out of the device.
By removing the rubber protector, you will release any air pressure in the vape juice. To avoid spilling any e-liquid, you can place the Vape device on its side with the stopper closest to you. After removing the stopper and releasing the small bubbles, simply place the stopper back in the gap and vape.

Give it a try.
This may sound too easy, but it will work well if you have small bubbles in your device. Gently tap your device where the bubbles are forming. Again, you need to be gentle when performing this or you may damage something!

Take a deep breath
There are times when all it takes is a deep breath to poke a small bubble. When you take a hard puff on your e-cigarette, you create negative pressure and push it throughout the device. This forces the bubbles to burst.

Adding more e-liquid
In most cases, small bubbles form when there is not enough e-liquid in the disposable vape pen. A small amount of fluid cannot circulate properly, which means that small bubbles will form in the system. This can even happen in pod-based disposable vapes!

To break the small bubbles, simply add more e-juice. Of course, some disposable e-cigarettes are not designed to be refilled. If once you’ve tried all of our other tips, you may just need to buy another disposable Vape.

Warm up
If you are in a cold environment, your e-cigarette vapor will not flow as freely as it should. The liquid slows down and settles, causing bubbles to form.
High temperatures can cause the bubbles in your e-cigarette pen to burst. When your e-cigarette pen gets warm, the e-cigarette fluid inside the cartridge can move freely and reach the coil and wick very easily.

There are a few different ways people can warm up their e-cigarette pens.
If you are in a hurry, you can rub your device for a few minutes.
Or, place your device in a small bowl of warm water for a few minutes.

Blow hot air into the cartridge.
If any (or all) of this step works, the e-liquid in the disposable vape will liquefy and move more freely.
Always make sure the rubber stopper is relatively safe before you start trying any of these options!

Take a break
Small bubbles are a “common vape pen problem”. Sometimes, the problem will resolve itself. We recommend that you leave the vape pen alone for a while, or even use a spare disposable vape for a few days.

Blowing into the mouthpiece
For this tip, you need to find the vent, which is also a hole that leads to the atomizer. You may refer to this as the airflow sensor or feature.
Cover the airflow hole
Blow into the mouthpiece
Take a quick deep breath
By inhaling, you are creating a vacuum for the small bubbles in the device.

Shake and Vape
This should be the most fun tip for removing small bubbles. Simply shake your disposable e-cigarette device gently to get the little bubbles out! Keep in mind that you should never shake too hard.

Still struggling to get that last big bubble out of your disposable vape pen? It’s time to buy a new disposable Vape.
If your disposable vape is self-igniting, our manual can help you stop it and prevent any potential dangers.

Why are there small bubbles in my disposable Vape?
Small bubbles are relatively common, but they’re still frustrating! As with every vape, disposable vapepen rely on a series of interconnected mechanisms to work properly. Even so, 50% of small bubbles are still attributed to human error.

Let’s take a look at some of the main causes.
Temperature variations
When it comes to temperature, the middle ground is the only safe option. Both overheating and overcooling can adversely affect disposable pens, as they also cause the internal e-liquid to contract and expand. When either process occurs, small bubbles usually follow.

Overuse is a common problem, especially among new e-cigarette users. Long puffs may be satisfying, but most disposable vape pens are not tailor-made to handle them.
Another factor that may cause you to overuse vape pens is nicotine strength. If you are using a 3mg nicotine strength e-liquid, but your body craves a 9mg strength, you will need to take a few more puffs to compensate. This can put a lot of pressure on your disposable vape pen, which may cause bubbles to form.

Improper storage
For the best Vape experience, you need to consider more than just the Vape fluid. Storage is another big issue, especially for those who want to avoid small bubbles.

If you store items upright, they will have fewer small bubbles. E-liquids will circulate better. Whatever you do, don’t store your equipment flat.
You should also keep your equipment out of direct sunlight. Never store it in a storage closet next to a boiler or next to a radiator. Instead, find a cool, dark room. Be careful, however, as if the room is too cool, it can also cause vaping oil to condense.

Increase airflow
It’s important to note that disposable vape pens are designed for convenience. They may not have all the fancy features that a mod has, such as adjustable airflow.
It’s common for disposable Vape to have restricted airflow, which will lead to small bubbles.

Vaping too hard
Vaping may look easy, but there are actually a lot of ties. When pulling a disposable Vape, you need to make sure the pull isn’t too soft or too hard.
Even the most reliable disposable Vape can’t stand up to hard vaping. Some of these long draws can cause air to seep into the Vape cartridge, which is a sure way to create air bubbles.

Irregular refilling
You heard it right; there is even an incorrect way to fill a disposable Vape.
The following are the main issues you need to pay special attention to.
New e-cigarette oil may not mix with old Vape oil. This should be caused by a variety of factors, one of the most prominent among them being the temperature. In cold climates, it will be difficult for your liquid to liquefy. To solve this problem, you can place your Vape pen in warm water after refilling.
You may not have added enough liquid to your Vape pen. Try filling the tank or cartridge so that there is enough space around the device.

When liquid leaks out of the inlet, it can cause bubbles.
Many things can cause leaks, including accidental damage, high temperatures, and hard resistance.

Low Battery
If your vape device is low on power, the vape juices will not have enough energy to vaporize. When they try to vaporize with the low power left, it will cause bubbles.

Check the LED battery indicator on your Vape device before you start vaping.
Poor quality vape oil
You should avoid using inferior products at all costs, especially e-liquids. Poor quality manufacturers cut corners to make cheap vape liquids, so it’s no surprise that it will produce bubbles. In fact, air bubbles are the least of your worries. Weak hits, dry hits and excessive fluctuations in hit quality are other problems you may face, not to mention health issues.

Manufacturing defects
Manufacturing defects can cause problems such as bubbles in disposable Vape.
If you think your device may be defective, take some photos and videos and send the evidence to the manufacturer.

Wrap it up
To have a satisfying Vape experience, you need to know how to remove the bubbles from your disposable e-cigarette. All of these tips have been tried and tested by experienced Vape users who know exactly how to fix your disposable Vape dilemma.
Sadly, if none of these tips work, you will be forced to purchase a new device.

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