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Comments: Rouge Fruit Rouge – Berk Research

Mad Liquidator Burke Research has always been known for its delicious e-liquids. But the arrival of good weather inspired the master of flavoring to create RougeFruitRouge, a liquid with a fruity twist! The manufacturer describes: “BeurkResearch has never hidden its ambition to become a leader in the field of taste diffraction via nipple transmission, then […]

Fivape: Facing the threat of regulatory mobilization

Legal regulations regarding e-cigarette products will fly in the coming years. This is now certain, as work plans, especially at the European institutions, have been clarified. If the issue is not yet clear, the role of the Federation is to inform you of the problem and when. The following is a summary of the main […]

Australia’s total ban on disposable head sellers: will not close business will go “underground” operation

Australia will completely ban disposable e-cigarette products, and many distributors say they will not shut down their e-cigarette business, but will move to “underground” sales and tell customers to stock up quickly. According to foreign media NEWS report, along with the implementation of Australia’s e-cigarette regulatory policy, the country’s e-cigarettes and other related products to […]

What’s wrong with the smoke not coming out of the cigarette?

What is the reason why the cigarette does not eject smoke? This is one of the common problems in the use of electronic cigarettes. In the process of using electronic cigarette, sometimes we will encounter the following situation: after the electronic cigarette starts the switch, the liquid inside the smoke bomb is not atomized, that […]

What is the difference between generic and original smoke cartridges?

Along with the popularity of electronic cigarettes, cigarette cartridges as the core components of electronic cigarettes are also of great concern to consumers. In the market, cigarette cartridges can be divided into two types: generic cartridges and original cartridges. So, what are the differences between the two? This article will give you a detailed analysis. […]

Where do you sell bottles of vape oil on the online platform?

Along with the gradual popularity of e-cigarettes, smokers are demanding more and more quality and taste of vaping oil. For most e-cigarette users, bottled vape oil is the most common and most popular form. It is very convenient to store and carry and can meet the needs of smokers for taste and formula in all […]

How is nicotine extracted?

With the further development of nicotine awareness in society, more and more people are concerned about the methods of nicotine extraction. Nicotine is a natural organic base with a complete synthetic structure, and its chemical name is 1-methyl-2-(3-pyridyl)pyridine. Nicotine possesses a variety of pharmacological effects, such as stimulation of the central nervous system, anti-anxiety, anti-depression, […]

The difference between oral and pulmonary inhalation

Electronic cigarette mouth inhalation, lung inhalation puzzling, what is the difference between the two? In fact, these are the two most common inhalation methods of e-cigarettes, and different types of inhalation methods will bring the user a different experience. How to inhale an e-cigarette by mouth? Oral inhalation is the same as our usual way […]