Anti-Vape Offensive: WHO Comes Out Unscathed

The WHO’s new recommendations on Vape have fallen. Six measures, among them four bans, a general tax, and a complete rewrite of the definition in the “1984” sauce. Right after the CNCT, Europe is looking at the next TPD, which is already a lot.

WHO is on a journey
Banning open systems, banning non-tobacco flavors, banning nicotine salts, banning the possibility of adjusting the power of Vape, rewriting the definitions of “smoking” and “quitting” and taxing all of these are all WHO recommendations on vaping, for its members. One would be almost surprised to find flogging in the public square for violators and quartering for repeat offenders.

Incidentally, it’s probably a good thing to remind the WHO that rewriting word definitions is a somewhat banal process. It has been done, but by political regimes that have not left extraordinary memories.

The WHO was very clear in its statement: Vape and tobacco should be treated equally. But, all of a sudden, Vape smokers have the right to kill people too? Ah, no, it still looks like a monopoly of the tobacco industry, but the result is equivalent: for the WHO, e-cigarettes are called to stop trying to save their lives. Watch them die from popcorn, no doubt, but not too much, and the WHO doesn’t want to be accused of encouraging obesity.

Recently, anti-tobacco associations have launched a series of formal attacks on Vape. Meanwhile, Europe is prioritizing revisions to the TPD. on the menu, taxation, and aroma bans. Enough to kill the sector, which seems to be the goal.

What is the purpose of these people? What motivates them to want so strongly to deny the scientific evidence? No one knows. One thing is certain: History will judge them very harshly. But, in the meantime, they will drag down an entire industry and have more victims in their graves than all wars.