A U.S. tobacco company strongly urges a ban on puffs

Under the guise of protecting public health, the U.S. branch of the tobacco company Reno has asked the FDA to ban the use of disposable e-cigarettes.
Puffs, which are some compact disposable e-cigarettes, continue to be talked about. In France, the political class has begun discussing the topic, and in the U.S., the attacks are coming from the tobacco industry. Not long ago, the tobacco company ReynoldsAmerican submitted a citizen’s petition to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), stipulating that it be required to implement specific policies on some of these products.
According to media reports, the tobacco giant said, “A new enforcement policy specifically targeting illegally marketed disposable products is needed to better protect public health.”

If one focuses on all puff manufacturers, 2 are particularly targeted: ElfBar and PuffBar.

This news does not help the case of manufacturer ElfBar, which is already experiencing problems in the UK. A few weeks ago, independent tests conducted by the Daily Mail showed that some of its products contained much higher levels of nicotine than indicated, and even higher than allowed by UK law. The brand said it wanted to catch the situation, but did not prevent several major retailers (Tesco, Morrisons, etc.) from withdrawing their products.

Such an attack could also damage the ambitions of the maker of Puff, which said today through its French commercial director that France is a market of great interest to it. He started to enter this market in February 2022 and now he wants to expand it through tobacconists.

Regarding Reynolds’ intentions, it’s hard to say whether he really wants to “protect public health” or simply get rid of one of his competitors. He sells several e-cigarettes under the Vuse brand.