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Vape Pods 450 Puffs

  • Ceramic coil (1.2 Ω)
  • Cartridge lifespan : 400-450 puffs
  • Capacity : 2.0 ML
  • Battery: 280mAh ( Rechargeable ) 35-50mins charging time
  • Power (W) : 10-15W
  • Size : 114*21*10.6 mm
  • Colors: Black, Grey, Blue, Purple, Green The buttonless device is, Replaceable pod
  • Portable. Rechargeable Battery Rods

New mesh heating
wire ceramic

Honeycomb structure ceramics to ensure that the pore size on the basis of (general ceramic pore size in about 15 microns out of sweet out of fragrance), improve the porosity and water absorption rate inside the ceramic, greatly improving the ceramic oil storage and down oil speed, to prevent paste core, and can be repeatedly injected oil.

New fashion
health products

  • Charging process current power light cycle breathing; USB access vibrator vibration 250Ms after entering the charging process
    Battery voltage > 4.18V ± 0.05V when the full green light is always on, support charging while smoking, support 0V trickle charging.
  • Charging power display: battery voltage ≤ 3.5V red light breathing 3.5V ≤ battery voltage ≤ 3.8V blue light breathing 3.5V ≤ battery voltage green light breathing USB unplugged lights out.

Product Features

  • The outer machine of the product is made of environmentally friendly aluminum, with fine carving laser treatment and sandblasting oxidation process on the surface. It has an excellent feel and is more high-grade.
  • The controller adopts ASIC design, no MCU crash phenomenon, and high sensitivity;

  • Save current, Short circuit protection, over current protection, overcharge protection

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