99.29% recyclable Puff arrives in Europe immediately

While small disposable e-cigarettes like Puffs are increasingly facing criticism from European lawmakers for their lack of eco-consciousness, such is likely to change with the imminent arrival of a new product. SLIX is manufactured by ANDS, one of the Middle East’s leading vape brands, and was specifically developed to significantly reduce its environmental impact.

To validate the company’s claims, Puff’s recyclability was tested by WasteExperts, an independent company in the UK, where ANDS recently opened its headquarters to conquer the European market. According to leading experts, SLIX has a recyclability rate of 99.29% according to the ISO 14021:2016 standard. This figure has been reached thanks to the design of its cardboard body and other components, including a drip tip made of biodegradable silicone.
Thanks to the materials used, the disposable vape will also be lighter than other Puffs, which in turn will reduce its waste/weight ratio by 70%. On top of this, it will disassemble 57% faster than the current UK market leading brands. The UK Electronic Cigarette Association (UKVIA) notes, “The simplicity of its design means that it takes only seconds to deconstruct a Puff, and the time saved is vital to support cost-effective waste management of disposable vaporizers.”

ANDS has long said it is partnering with WasteExperts, which has long operated in the environmental services sector for more than 20 years, and ANDS president FadiMaayta added that his company hopes to have a 100 percent recyclable e-cigarette on the market by the end of this year.

UK retailers who have long listed SLIX on their websites are marking up the price to £5.99, or €7. Eight flavors should be available.