Winter Park Joins Ranks as One of Florida’s Smoke-Free Cities in Parks and Recreational Areas

Winter Park, located in Florida, has recently become one of the 25 cities in the state to enforce a ban on smoking and electronic cigarettes in parks, beaches, and recreational zones. It’s important to note that not all forms of smoking are covered by this ban.

The ordinance was initially passed during the city council meeting on November 8th and aligns with the revision of Florida Statute 386.209. The ban specifically targets outdoor areas owned or operated by the municipal government.

According to Jason Seeley, the Director of Parks and Recreation Department, smoking and electronic cigarette use will be prohibited in areas where children play and outdoor activities take place. Smokers who disregard verbal warnings may face fines.

The ban is set to take effect after a second reading, expected to occur during the next council meeting on December 13th. This move reflects Winter Park’s commitment to creating healthier and more enjoyable public spaces for residents and visitors alike. The initiative is in line with broader efforts across Florida to promote clean air and reduce the impact of smoking in areas frequented by the community.

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