Wigan to Get £475k Cash Injection to Phase Out Smoking and Tackle Youth Vaping

Wigan City in the UK to Receive Approximately £475,000 in Government Funding for ‘Smoke-Free Generation’ Initiative

In response to the recent proposed smoking ban legislation by the UK government, Wigan City is set to receive a government grant of around £475,000. The funding is designated for the implementation of the “Smoke-Free Generation” initiative, aimed at curbing tobacco access for children aged 14 and below in England.

The new legislation seeks to restrict the legal purchase of cigarettes by individuals under the age of 14, aligning with broader efforts to create a smoke-free environment for the younger generation. The allocated funds will be utilized to support educational programs, awareness campaigns, and other initiatives to discourage smoking among the youth, contributing to the overall goal of fostering a healthier and smoke-free community in Wigan.

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