Why is the amount of smoke from disposable e-cigarettes getting smaller?

There are many disposable e-cigarette users who just use disposable e-cigarettes, electronic smoke volume is very large, and then smoking for a long time the amount of electronic smoke has become smaller, what is the reason for this?

The first reason is that the amount of smoke is very small at the beginning, and there may be quality problems.
Buy the atomizer resistance parameters of the heating wire too, or guide cotton guide oil is not smooth, power supply equipment core product quality is not good, too much oil seepage, or even oil leakage and other quality problems, will cause the amount of smoke is very small; disposable simulation of the smoke volume will be relatively small.

This solution is nothing, but to change a product of better quality.
Second, after a period of use, produce less smoke.
You can look directly to see if the atomizer is clogged, carbonization, guide cotton scorching and other problems. If so, in order to solve the problem, there is a very simple program: that is cleaning.
This is to use hot water to rinse the atomizer, and then blow dry it.
Third, the battery voltage and atomizer resistance parameters the wrong.
For example, the atomizer resistance of disposable e-cigarettes is too low, the battery can not drive and thus can not produce smoke.

Fourth, there is a point in the problem of tobacco oil.
The glycerin (VG) content of cigarette oil is very low thus producing very little smoke, after all, we know that VG is the substance that provides the right amount of vapor emitted from the electronic cigarette. Less than 20% VG e-liquid can not properly produce the required amount of vapor.