Why European HNB e-cigarette market surges by nearly 40%?

Recent data reveals a remarkable surge in the novel HNB (Heat-not-Burn) market in several European countries, particularly in Italy, Spain, and Germany.From MeKesse disposable vape brands research.

In 2022, Italy’s HNB shipments reached 1.23 million units, marking a 37.7% YoY growth.establishing itself as PMI’s largest market in Europe apart from Russia. PMI Italy introduced the new product IQOS Iluma One, aiming to persuade even the most stubborn smokers to transition to a simpler, more intuitive device.

Philip Morris International (PMI), a global e-cigarette industry giant, focuses on HNB. It owns two leading smoke-free brands, IQOS and Zyn, which have captured a substantial share in the electronic cigarette markets of Japan and South Korea and are now making their mark in the European market.

HNB has experienced rapid development in Europe in recent years. PMI’s 2022 data indicates significant growth in various countries. In Germany, HNB achieved a remarkable growth rate of 47.9%, surpassing Italy’s 37.7%. Spain experienced a staggering 65.6% MoM growth, while Poland achieved a 46.6% increase. Italy has a substantial HNB user base of two million consumers.

However, PMI’s global HNB shipments reveal disparities across countries. In 2022, Japan received 3.44 million units, Italy 1.23 million, and Russia 1.54 million, establishing Italy’s dominance in the European HNB market. France recorded only 20,000 units, while Germany reached 340,000 units, Poland 450,000, Spain 90,000, and South Korea 450,000.

In 2022, PMI’s global HNB market sales reached 10.92 million units, marking an increase of over 100,000 units compared to 2021. With an average annual growth rate of 14.9%, HNB outperforms other tobacco products.

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