Why does a disposable vape come with a charging jack?

Why do disposable vapes come with a charging port?
As we all know, disposable vape pens are quickly becoming a more attractive solution. Not only do these handy tools offer excellent versatility and practicality, but they are also affordable and easy to carry. So whether you’re on the go or just need a simple e-cigarette solution, disposable vapes are the ideal choice. However, when you open your newly purchased small disposable cigarette, you inadvertently discover a problem: why would a small disposable cigarette have a charging port? In the end, they are supposed to be a temporary measure – so can I charge my disposable vapes ?

While this may seem counter-intuitive, it is in fact possible to charge many disposable e-cigarette pens, as long as you know how to do it. With that in mind, we are next looking at how to charge your disposable vape, and it is very important to consider why your disposable vape has a charging port in the first place.
What exactly is a disposable e-cigarette?

Before we continue, we should first outline disposable e-cigarettes. A disposable vape is a temporary alternative to a traditional vape pen, you don’t have to buy new coils or replace them over time. Once the vape pen itself runs out of e-liquid, the disposable vape will run out.

Why would a disposable e-cigarette have a charging port?
Since disposable vapes are designed to be used up and thrown away, it is easy to wonder: why are disposable vapes rechargeable? This feature is to meet the market demand, i.e. the need to include more e-liquid in the vape pen. Due to the increased volume of vape fluid, many consumers find that the battery life is not long enough to use up the vape fluid, which means that disposable vapes need to be recharged. As a result, modern vape pen now include a charging port to ensure consumers can fully use their vape pen.

How long does the battery in a disposable vapes pen last?
Not surprisingly, each vapepen varies, which means that the battery life of a disposable vape pen will vary before it is recharged. However, the vast majority of disposable vape pens will last about a day, depending on how often you use the vape pen before it needs to be recharged. Typically, about 400 puffs will be the most common limit – although some batteries have power up to 850mAh, which may provide longer use.

How do I recharge my disposable e-cigarette pen?
If you need to charge a disposable vape pen, you will first need to connect the device’s charging port to the charger – you should receive a USB cable and the vape pen itself. Afterwards, simply connect the e-cigarette and the charger to the power source, and subsequently wait for the vapes to fully charge.
Once the charging indicator on the disposable vape pen turns green, we can tell if the pen is fully charged. However, you should always check the specific charging instructions for your brand to ensure that this is indeed the case.

Is it safe to charge my vape with my phone charger?
At this point, you may be thinking: since they are all USB chargers, is it safe to charge my vapes with a cell phone charger? It’s understandable to be confused about this; technically speaking, it should be fine. However, you should always check if the USB charger is suitable for your device, this is because not every USB is necessarily suitable for your vape pen. We should also point out here that in most cases, if your charger is a USB wall adapter, you may notice that it does not charge well. Fixed USB chargers are also usually poorer as far as overall charging quality is concerned.

More questions (FAQ)
By this point, we’ve outlined some of the most important things you need to know when using a disposable vape pen. However, we also recommend considering the following questions to ensure you get the most out of your new vapes pen.

1. How do disposable e-cigarettes actually work?
Disposable e-cigarette pens are designed to provide a shorter vapes experience than traditional vapes pens. They contain e-liquid directly, which means they are not refillable like regular vapes pens. However, you can use a USB cable to temporarily charge your disposable vapes while providing a slightly longer e-cigarette experience. Your disposable vape will continue to work until the e-liquid in the disposable vape runs out.

2. Can I charge while vaping?
While you can technically charge your disposable e-cigarette while vaping, we recommend that you do not do so. Using a vape while charging means that the vape will take longer to charge. If you want to charge your vapes pen while vaping for best results, we recommend looking for a device with “pass-through technology”.

3. Are disposable e-cigarettes safe?
It is easy to think that disposable vapes  (vape pen) are less safe due to their disposable nature. However, if used according to proper e-cigarette standards, disposable vapes are no riskier than other forms of vapes pens. In addition, because disposable vapes are not kept for years, they may be less likely to malfunction than traditional e-cigarette pens.

4. How long does it take to fully charge a disposable e-cigarette?
Each vape pen is different; therefore, there is no set time for how long a disposable vape pen should take to fully charge. However, you can usually finish charging a disposable vape pen in about four hours at most. Other vapes with lower battery power or not fully depleted batteries may only take about an hour to fully charge.

5、How can I know if the battery of an vapes is fully charged?
Usually, the charging indicator on the vapes should be green when the vapes is fully charged. However, if you have been charging your vapepen for most of the day and it still does not show green, you may need to consider if the device is malfunctioning. Or, check the instruction manual to see if the charging buttons on your device are different.

Final Thoughts
If you’ve been looking for a simple and practical alternative to traditional vape pens, a disposable vape may be the ideal solution. And, since you can charge disposable vape pens, this should be a good option if you’ve been choosing between traditional and disposable models.