Where do you sell bottles of vape oil on the online platform?

Along with the gradual popularity of e-cigarettes, smokers are demanding more and more quality and taste of vaping oil. For most e-cigarette users, bottled vape oil is the most common and most popular form. It is very convenient to store and carry and can meet the needs of smokers for taste and formula in all aspects. So, where do you sell bottled tobacco oil online?

The answer is: for smokers, you can’t buy bottled vape oil online, nor can you buy it in offline brick-and-mortar stores. The main reason is that the new national standard management of electronic cigarettes has been promulgated in 2022 and has effective implementation.

According to its e-cigarette GB41700-2022, the use of electronic cigarette liquid e-cigarettes and cigarette cartridges should have a closed structure to prevent artificial filling. For e-cigarettes or cartridges filled with e-cigarette liquids, depending on the inspection to determine if the substance can be added. Open e-cigarette devices and bottled tobacco oil are prohibited from being produced and sold in the domestic market. Smokers are naturally unable to buy bottled tobacco oil in the country.
Of course, if you are a licensed e-cigarette company and want to purchase vape oil, you can find a fully qualified and quality-assured e-atomizer service provider to customize the production of the needed vape oil.