Where can I buy domestic smoke bombs?

Domestic cigarette cartridges are one of the new electronic cigarette products in recent years, and its emergence has completely changed the development mode of the electronic cigarette market. Domestic cigarette bombs are easy to use, smooth and simple to understand, and are loved by people, so where can I buy domestic bombs?

Online purchase is a convenient way to buy, but electronic cigarettes can not be purchased online. So far, Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong and other e-commerce platforms have no domestic cigarette products for sale.

Brick-and-mortar stores are the traditional purchase channel and the only purchase channel. In the city, there are many e-cigarette brick-and-mortar stores, some of these stores will have a more comprehensive and richer range of domestic smoking cartridges for customers to choose from.

Social media is also not a new channel to buy domestic bong, but it can get information about domestic bong. This is because most consumers like to learn about other consumers’ experiences on social media platforms. Social media platforms, such as Zhihu and Weibo, have many e-cigarette communities. In such communities, users can share information about various methods, experiences, and costs of using e-cigarettes, and this data is very informative for consumers who are new to domestic vaping.
The above-mentioned situation, where can I buy domestic cigarette bombs? You can only choose the physical store, e-commerce platform, social media can not be purchased.