What’s wrong with vape products that get lighter the more you smoke them?

There are a variety of possible reasons for the lighter the vape is smoked, the following belong to several more common situations:
1, electronic cigarette cartridges are used up: this is a relatively common situation. When the e-cigarette cartridges are used up, the smoke will become lighter or disappear. This time must be replaced in a timely manner.

2, the electronic cigarette battery is dead: the electronic cigarette battery power is insufficient, and the output power will drop, which will lead to smoke fade. It should be charged in time.

Poor sealing: If the sealing of the smoke cartridge is not good, the smoke oil will be exposed to the air, which will lead to smoke fade. This time must be replaced in a timely manner, or try to seal the smoke bomb with tape and other items.

3, atomizer clogging: When the atomizer is clogged, the smoke oil can not be fully heated to produce smoke, which in turn leads to smoke fade. Must be a clean atomizer, or a timely replacement of the atomizer.

4, high-temperature burn: excessive use of electronic cigarettes, or improper use, may lead to smoke fade. For example, when using electronic cigarettes continuously for a long time, or using high power output, it may burn the smoke cartridge or atomizer, which will lead to smoke fade.

5, electronic cigarette oil storage is not correct, which leads to the deterioration of the oil: the correct preservation of the oil is very important, especially for the flavors containing menthol flavoring and alcohol flavoring oil is more so. If the bottle cap is not tightened or left open, the flavoring will evaporate, resulting in much less smoke oil after a few days. The following are three ways to properly store open-cap tobacco oil:

Avoid light. Do not expose the oil to direct sunlight, as this will accelerate the color change of the nicotine, causing it to turn brown or dark.
Caps should be tightened. Prolonged exposure to air will cause oxidation and the flavoring in the oil will evaporate, which will naturally reduce the flavor.
Dry and ventilated. A humid and stuffy environment will breed bacteria and accelerate the decomposition of the main ingredients in the tobacco oil and the reproduction of bacteria, which is harmful to your health. Therefore, it should be kept in a dry and ventilated place.

6, taste fatigue: Taste fatigue is usually due to the use of the same flavor of tobacco oil for a long time, which leads to the taste buds gradually adapt and become insensitive. This is equivalent to a person who does not like to eat spicy food will feel stimulated at first, but after getting used to the spicy taste will no longer feel stimulated. To prevent taste fatigue, it is recommended that you try a variety of different flavors of tobacco oils. Try not to use the same vape oil for a long time, but choose two flavors that you like to use alternately. At the same time, avoid overuse of vape. If you find that the taste of vaping oil has become bland, you can reduce the frequency of use or stop using it for a period of time to allow your taste buds to rest and recover. In addition, drinking more water and eating other foods can relieve taste fatigue. Some people also try to drink soda or salt soda to achieve this effect. In addition, some people also recommend eating something or sniffing some other flavor before using the vape to clear the memory of the taste buds so that they can better feel the flavor of the vapor.

7, atomizer reasons: when using different styles of atomizers, you can feel the different characteristics of the smoke. After using a small and dense atomizer for a long time to smoke the same vape oil, if you then switch to a smoky drip atomizer to smoke, there will be an instantly different experience. In order to avoid the situation where the flavor of the electronic cigarette oil becomes diluted, it is recommended that you alternate between different atomizers. I hope this article information can help you!

In conclusion, there are many possible reasons why electronic cigarettes become lighter the more you smoke them, and you need to analyze the actual situation and take the appropriate solutions.