What’s wrong with the smoke not coming out of the cigarette?

What is the reason why the cigarette does not eject smoke?

This is one of the common problems in the use of electronic cigarettes. In the process of using electronic cigarette, sometimes we will encounter the following situation: after the electronic cigarette starts the switch, the liquid inside the smoke bomb is not atomized, that is, no smoke appears, this problem is called “smoke bomb does not smoke”.

So, what is the cause of the smoke bomb does not smoke? What can be used to solve this problem?

First of all, we should know that the main reasons for the smoke bomb is not smoke have the following: 1:

1. Poor sealing of the bullet.

These so-called poor sealing of the smoke bomb refers to the vertical nipple on the internal atomizer of the smoke bomb is not long enough or subject to wear, resulting in a gap between it and the connector, which can not smoothly contact the electrode point on the connector. If the internal seal of the smoke cartridge is not good, it will cause the smoke oil to flow out and cannot be atomized.

2. Insufficient liquid in the smoke cartridge.

When the smoke oil in the cartridge is used up, we should replace the cartridge in time, otherwise there will be no smoke from the cartridge. In addition, if the oil is not enough, it will also lead to the smoke can not smoke.

3. The battery is dead.
If the e-cigarette battery is dead, it will cause the cigarette does not smoke, because it can not provide the energy required by the internal atomizer.
4. The cartridge is damaged.
If the bomb has been dropped or collided, the internal atomizer may be damaged, resulting in the bomb does not smoke.
In general, there are many reasons why the cartridge does not smoke, we should take different solutions according to different situations: 1:
1. Check the sealing of the cartridge
If the cigarette does not smoke, the first step is to check the sealing of the cigarette. You can take the cartridge off the e-cigarette and check if the internal electrode is damaged or worn, and if there is any foreign material on the connector, and if so, clean it up with a dry paper towel.
If the electrode is severely damaged, you will need to replace the cartridge.
2. Replace the cartridge
If you find that there is not enough liquid in the cartridge, or if you have run out of vape fluid, then you need to replace the cartridge. When selecting the cartridge, it is best to buy genuine products, because counterfeit products are not only poor quality, but also may damage the electronic cigarette device.
3. Charging
If the e-cigarette battery is dead, it should be charged in time. We can use the matching charger, usually the charging time is about 1-2 hours.
4. Replace the battery
If the battery has been aging, or is severely damaged, the battery should be replaced in a timely manner. This time you need to buy the same type of battery as the original battery, and ensure that the quality of the battery pass.
5. Check the electronic cigarette device
If all the above methods have been tried, but still can not solve the problem of smoke, then you need to check whether the electronic cigarette itself has a fault. This time we should send the electronic cigarette device to the service center for repair.
There are many possible reasons why the e-cigarette does not work, and we should take different solutions according to different situations. Of course, in the use of electronic cigarettes, we still need to pay attention to the daily maintenance, such as regular cleaning of the smoke tube, replace the atomizer, etc., so as to ensure the long-term use of electronic cigarettes effect.