What to do when your disposable vape won’t recharge?

As mentioned in the previous section of this article, the display light on your disposable e-cigarette needs to be on when you connect the device to a power source. If the display light stays on, the device is not charging. Fortunately, this issue is usually easy to deal with as it is usually due to a problem with the charging device. Here’s how to deal with disposable e-cigarettes that aren’t charging.

  1. Make sure the device is connected to a computer for charging. As we mentioned above, e-cigarette devices are not suitable for use with high-speed wall chargers. If the disposable e-cigarette is connected to a “fast charger”, it may overheat or not work at all.
  2. Try replacing the USB cable. You’re likely using the same cable to charge your electronics every day, and continuous use slowly damages the line’s internal connections. USB cables usually stop functioning after a few months of daily use. If that’s why your disposable e-cigarette won’t charge, replacing the cable can fix the problem.
  3. Make sure the device’s charging port is clean. If the charging port of your disposable e-cigarette accumulates dust or cotton throughout the day, it will be difficult for the charging cable to establish a good connection with the metal contact of the port. You can use toothpicks and other thin non-metallic tools to remove contaminants from the charging port.