What is the reason why the newly replaced cartridges do not smoke out?

In the circle of atomized electronic cigarette products, we all know that the cartridge is the core component of the electronic cigarette product, so it is a very important step to carry out the replacement of the cartridge. I do not know, this step looks simple, but in actual use, there are often some problems, such as the new replacement cartridges can not be sucked out of the situation. Next, I will take this as the topic to discuss the causes and solutions to this problem.


A, the new replacement of the smoke cartridges can not be sucked out, there may be what causes?

1. Smoke cartridges are not connected to the battery.

This is one of the most common problems, For some users in the replacement of the smoke cartridge, the smoke cartridge and the battery are not closely connected together, resulting in poor airflow, and the smoke liquid in the smoke cartridge can not be evaporated.

2. There is a blockage inside the smoke cartridge.

In use, there are often foreign objects or residues inside the smoke cartridge, resulting in the smoke liquid not being evaporated properly. For example, if you drop the bullet once, or use it again after leaving it for too long, it may leave some tiny imperfections or clogged material inside the bullet, which can lead to the situation that the newly replaced bullet cannot be smoked out.

3. There is a leakage of oil in the cartridge.

Sometimes, because the quality of the smoke bomb is not up to par, or in the use of a drop in the smoke bomb caused by the phenomenon of oil leakage, this will not allow the new replacement of the smoke bomb normal smoke.

4. The battery voltage is too low.

If the battery power is too low, often lead to airflow is not strong enough, and cause the new replacement of the smoke bomb can not be sucked out of the situation occurs.
Second, how to solve the problem of the new replacement cartridges can not smoke out properly?

1. Try plugging and unplugging a few times.

If you find that the newly replaced smoke cartridge can not smoke out, the first thing to do is to check whether the smoke cartridge is properly connected to the battery, if not connected, reconnect it, if it still does not work, you can try to plug and unplug a few times, try to adjust the strength of the airflow.

2. Replace the battery or charge it.

If you feel that the battery power is too low when the newly replaced bomb can not smoke, you can also try to replace the battery or fully charged battery and try again.

3. Clean the inside of the smoke cartridge.

If you find that the new replacement cartridge does not smoke, consider cleaning the inside of the cartridge to remove any foreign objects or residue.

4. Replace the smoke cartridge.

If these methods do not solve the problem, you can consider replacing the cartridge, which requires you to choose a regular brand and model, careful screening and filtering of the cartridge to ensure that the quality of the cartridge meets the standard.

In the daily use of electronic cigarette products, it is a common process to replace the cartridges. Sometimes we may encounter the situation that the newly replaced cartridges can not suck the smoke, which is likely to be caused by the above-mentioned aspects of the problem. In order to solve this problem, we need to check and adjust the cartridges and batteries, as well as use reputable brands and models of cartridges. This is the only way to ensure that our e-cigarette products can always maintain a smooth airflow and quality vapor effects.