What is the meaning of the loose winding and dense winding of the heating wire of vape products?

For those who are new to vape products, you may see the terms loose-wound and close-wound in vape products. So, what do loose winding and dense winding actually mean?
A. What is loose winding?

Loose winding of electronic cigarette products refers to a relatively loose coil of heating wire. The production of loose-wound coils is very simple, the technique required is very low, and the average player can make a gap even with loose-wound coils. Loose-wound coils have a relatively small amount of carbon, longer service life, more in line with the new and less detail-oriented players.


Second, why loosely wound?

Because the resistance of the heating wire is too low, if the dense winding method, the coil will be very dense, limiting the space of the atomizer, and can not be made too long. Considering the low resistance, the current will be very high, which may cause the heating wire to burn off. In addition, in mechanical equipment, considering the dense coils, the heat is more concentrated and the smoke is bigger under the same voltage. The advantage of loose winding is easy to adjust, no need to burn the wire repeatedly, and more conducive to the evaporation of smoke oil through the gap in the coil. Although the concentration of heat generation is not as good as dense winding, it can be compensated by turning up the power on the regulating device, thus getting more smoke than dense winding.

The heating wire of a vape product can be loosely or densely wound. Loosely wound coils mean that the heating wires are loosely wound together, and the process of making them is simple and does not require great skill, making them suitable for beginners. Considering the large coil interval, the smoke oil evaporates through the gap in the coil, the heat is not concentrated, suitable for regulating equipment, and you can get a more uniform smoke.
Third, what is dense winding?

A dense winding coil means winding the heating wire closely together, with certain skills and patience, the denser the coil, the greater the resistance value.


Fourth, why dense winding?

Considering the dense coils, the heat is concentrated, suitable for mechanical equipment, and can produce more smoke at the same voltage. And dense winding coil can better inhibit the oil frying phenomenon, because the coil heat is more concentrated, can stop the slight oil frying phenomenon, will not produce splash-like.


In general, loose-wound coils are suitable for beginners, with even heating, easy production, high wire compatibility, and less core gluing; while dense-wound coils are faster, suppress oil frying well, and take up less space, but are more difficult to produce. There is no significant difference between the smoke taste of the two.