What is the difference between generic and original smoke cartridges?

Along with the popularity of electronic cigarettes, cigarette cartridges as the core components of electronic cigarettes are also of great concern to consumers. In the market, cigarette cartridges can be divided into two types: generic cartridges and original cartridges. So, what are the differences between the two? This article will give you a detailed analysis.

First of all, from the name, the universal cigarette cartridges refers to any brand of cigarette cartridges can be adapted to use, while the original cigarette cartridges refers to the corresponding brand of cigarette cartridges can only be used. But the universal cartridge may not actually fit all brands of sticks, as we all know, the size and power of different types of sticks are distinguished by the difference. As opposed to consumers, choose the original cartridge can get more outstanding product quality and more stable smoke experience.

Next, from the manufacturing process, the manufacturing process is very different between the generic and original smoke cartridges. Generic smoke cartridges generally take the form of simple design, ordinary battery-powered way, the production cost is relatively low. The original smoke cartridges take high-end technology and raw materials manufacturing, with their excellent smoke cartridge structure design and battery efficacy performance by the majority of consumers love.

In addition, in addition to the material of the smoke cartridges, generic smoke cartridges usually use common materials such as plastic or stainless steel, while the original smoke cartridges will use aluminum, silicone and other high-quality materials, so that it has a higher resistance and durability.
In the end, a major area of concern for consumers is the price, the price of generic cartridges compared to the original cartridges to be cheaper, but if the pursuit of a better smoking experience, the choice of original cartridges is also worth a consideration.

Overall, generic and original smoke cartridges have their own characteristics. Consumers are strongly recommended to buy branded smoke cartridges.