What is the difference between ceramic core, cotton core and mesh coil?

Ceramic wick is a new type of heating element, made of ceramic material with good heat resistance, it can heat up quickly and evenly without releasing harmful substances. During the smoking process, it provides stable heat and pure flavor for milder smoke and longer life. Compared with ceramic wicks, cotton wicks are made of pure cotton and have good liquid absorption capacity.


Cotton wicks produce smoke by constantly drawing in liquid for heating and evaporation during use. It provides rich smoke and flavor but needs to be replaced frequently in order to maintain flavor and performance.



Mesh coils are made of wire and have a mesh coil that provides more heating area for more symmetrical heating of the vape oil. Mesh coils heat up quickly to produce large amounts of smoke quickly and retain the flavor of the vape oil better. Different heating materials and construction types contribute to the different characteristics and usage effects of ceramic wicks, cotton wicks and mesh coils, which can be chosen according to personal preferences and needs.