What is a smoke bomb?

The birth of the smoke bomb is the product of innovation and improvement based on the traditional style of cigarettes. Smoke bomb is a newer electronic cigarette products, can provide smokers with a similar taste and use experience with traditional tobacco cigarettes.


1, the construction principle and production process of the smoke bomb products

The smoke bomb is an electronic cigarette device consisting of a battery component and a smoke cartridge. The cartridge consists of an oil reservoir, oil guide cotton, heating wire and other parts. The smoke cartridge is the smoke generator of the e-cigarette, which includes the electronic atomization liquid, which is heated by the smoke cartridge heater to create smoke with similar outlet sensation. The smoke cartridge part has a filter bottom, popular colors, flavors and other personalized parts.
Smoke bomb products in the process of practical application, there are a variety of convenient production process. The focus is on the processing and manufacturing of smoke cartridges. According to the composition of the smoke bomb, it can be divided into two categories: electronic atomizing liquid and electronic components, which are produced separately, and then the electronic atomizing liquid tube is loaded into the electronic components of the assembled smoke bomb, which is sealed in the final package and labeled with the brand, flavor, color, etc. of the smoke bomb.


2、The advantages of the smoke bomb

Compared to traditional cigarettes, the electronic cigarette cartridges have many advantages. It uses a battery as a smoke generator, so the vast majority of the components produced by tobacco combustion will not exist in the smoke bomb.

In addition, the 4 rationalization design of the smoke cartridge has also become its advantages:

1) small size of the smoke cartridge, the appearance of the design imitates cigarettes, easy to carry;

2) diverse flavors, taste similar to traditional tobacco cigarettes, loved by the majority of smokers;

3) slow and delicate smoke;


3, the consumer market for cigarette bombs

Cigarette bombs in the market has been produced and sold!

Cigarette cartridges have become one of the current electronic cigarette industry can not ignore the product. In the process of electronic cigarette sales, the decline in market share of traditional-style cigarettes has given electronic cigarette manufacturers the opportunity to gradually emerge new varieties, new ways of use and more rationalized design concepts.

Diversified product forms and a wide variety of flavors have become one of the preferences of many consumers. It can be said that the smoke bomb is now one of the representative products in the rapid development of the electronic cigarette market, its existence and continuous promotion, will gradually promote the electronic cigarette industry from the niche market to a broader market share.


4、The prospect of smoke bombs

In the past few years, the commercial space, consumer market and popularity of smoke bombs are gradually expanding.

Many manufacturers are beginning to emerge as leading companies in the industry engaged in the production, research and sales of smoke bombs. These companies have extraordinary foresight and vision on the topic of the direction and future of the entire industry. They reached out to the market and grew strong with a very practical approach to meeting consumer demand.

Overall, the birth, development and commercial space of smoke bombs are justified. Therefore, people predict that the future of smoke bombs should not be affected by the general trend of the industry and retreat. On the contrary, it is likely to become a new and strong player, with a distinctive image, in a product category that will develop naturally along with every popular aspect of life.