What is a heated non-combustible e-cigarette cartridge?

I. What exactly is heating without burning?

The “low-temperature cigarette” designed with the idea of “heating without burning” can make the tobacco just heated enough to give off the flavor without igniting the tobacco. Normally, ordinary cigarette smoking at 350 degrees Celsius to 600 degrees Celsius will produce a lot of toxic and harmful substances, while the low-temperature cigarette is below 300 degrees Celsius, the toxic and harmful substances will be reduced.

HeatNotBurning (HNB), also known as low-temperature cigarettes, is a new type of tobacco product that combines a heating device and a smoke bomb, which is designed as a “low-temperature cigarette” with the idea of “heating without burning” and makes reasonable use of It is a new type of tobacco product that combines a heating apparatus and a smoke bomb.
What is heated non-flammable tobacco? Components of heated non-combustible cigarettes

Heated non-combustible cigarettes consist of four main components: a solid filament section, a condensation section (composed of polylactic acid film), a hollow filament section, and a tobacco material section. In this case, the tobacco material section is the tobacco leaf.

At present, the mainstream heating non-combustible tobacco bombs are:

1. 2014 Filmore debuted heated non-combustible cigarettes in Nagoya, Japan, with a smoking device called Iqos and a cartridge that follows the Marlboro brand;

2. the Heets cigarette cartridges and Parliament cartridges from Filmore;

3. British American Tobacco followed up with the Glo smoking set + Dunhill cartridges;

4. Korean Tobacco Ginseng Corporation followed up with Lil smokers + Fiat cartridges;

5. Japan Tobacco International’s Ploom;

6. Renault’s Revo;

7. China’s Sichuan Cigarette also launched Kung Fu + Wide and Narrow Bullet

8. Yunnan Tobacco “MC” brand

The main component of the bullet is reconstituted tobacco.

The tobacco material segment is mainly reconstituted tobacco leaf flakes (tobacco). When smoking, the cigarette is inserted into the heater and heated by the electronically controlled heating element to release smoke. During the smoking process, the heating element of the heater is heated to release the smoke, which is condensed in the condensing cavity to form an aerosol and then filtered into the consumer’s mouth. The reconstituted tobacco leaf flakes in the cigarette are heated to produce tobacco-smelling nicotine vapor, which not only provides consumers with a flavor closer to that of traditional cigarettes, but also very little smoke.

Third, the heating of non-combustible bombs and real cigarettes are different

Nowadays, the market is divided into two categories: tobacco and tobacco-free. Containing tobacco and traditional tobacco bombs are the same point is the use of real tobacco, can be for the tasters need nicotine, smoke, throat feel; and without tobacco bombs and traditional tobacco is the difference is through the technology of multiple processing, so that the bombs smoke section in the heating process can be similar to the smoke emitted by traditional tobacco, for people to smoke; heating does not burn bombs and traditional tobacco is the difference between the two heating Non-combustion is the use of external equipment only heated without burning, the temperature is about 350 ° C, harmful substances are greatly reduced. When traditional tobacco is lit and smoked, the temperature is 600°C-800°C, and more than 4,000 kinds of harmful substances are produced when it is burned.

Traditional tobacco uses tobacco + lighter, through the open flame ignition, so that tobacco in the high temperature burning chemical reaction to release nicotine, but at the same time accompanied by tar, carbon monoxide, aldehydes and hundreds of other harmful substances brought about by combustion.

Heating does not burn is the use of tobacco bullets + heaters, through the physical heating of the specially designed bullets, through low-temperature baking to achieve the release of nicotine, exhaled smoke is also mainly aerosol-based.