What do NTP, ENDS, and HNB in the vape industry mean respectively?

Any industry has a lot of terminology, some of which is understandable when expressed in Chinese, but if it’s a purely English acronym, it can be confusing for many people. Take vape products as an example, do you know what NTP, ENDS, and HNB represent respectively? It is estimated that 90% of the users of vape products are not even clear about the meaning of these terms.

NTP, the full name is “NewTobaccoProducts”, translated into Chinese as “new tobacco products”. Another way to say it is NGP, the full name is “NewGenerationProducts”, which translates to “next-generation products” in Chinese. In public, domestic and foreign tobacco organizations and companies prefer to use the latter term, probably because it avoids the sensitive word “tobacco” and avoids controversy.

New tobacco products are a new type of harm-reduction quasi-alternative tobacco products. Compared to traditional cigarette products, new tobacco products have many types, and with the continuous development of technological innovation, the variety continues to grow. So far, new tobacco products are divided into three main categories: atomized/vapor-based vape products, heated non-combustible tobacco products, and smokeless tobacco products.

I believe that many people will be atomized / vapor-type vape products and heating non-combustible tobacco products and the other two products are classified as vape products, such a statement is inaccurate. Officially, both heated non-combustible tobacco products and atomized/vapor-based e-cigarette products are classified as new tobacco products.

Currently, heated non-combustible tobacco products and atomized/vapor e-cigarette products are two of the most popular new tobacco products in the world. The biggest difference between them is that the former’s cartridges contain specially formulated tobacco ingredients, while the other’s core ingredient is nicotine extract, and by far the main source of nicotine extraction is tobacco.

ENDS is the full English name for electronic cigarettes, namely ElectronicNicotineDeliverySystems, which translates to atomized/vapor-based vape products in Chinese. This type of electronic device works by using an atomizer to turn the liquid nicotine in the cigarette into a mist, thus achieving the effect of smoking.

So far, there are many atomized vape brands on the market, including foreign JUUL and domestic YueQi. In China, the popular vape brands are also mainly atomized vape products, which add various flavors to attract consumers. The number of vape product manufacturers exceeds one hundred, and the brands include Yueqie, Shanlan, Yuzu, Lingxiang, Longdai, Magic Flute, Yixing, Yixing, Magic Flute, Xiaonuo, Folu, Xiq, Xiwu, Ice Shell, Jill, Master Be, Only It, Mei Krypton, Mu Krypton, Fu Dog, Yingzhuo, Fan Yu, Blotter, Ai Wei, Weiqie, Gu Yun, Whale Light Smoke, Xin Smoke, Hua Pu, Yixing, Tou Pu, Pu Lan, Bode, Hexiang, Phantom Sound, etc.