What are the reasons that affect the life of the electronic cigarette core?

Regardless of whether it is a finished product or RBA self-made, the life of the atomizing core is not fixed, and it will also change with the user’s usage habits. The same atomizer, the same atomizing core, some people may use it for half a month, and some people may only use it for three days. So what are the reasons that affect the life of the atomizing core?
1. Strength. The atomizing core has a certain range of power capacity, which is generally marked on the shell of the atomizing core. For example, 1.6Ω, 8-15W, this mark means that the resistance value of the finished coil is 1.6Ω, and the official recommended power is 8W-15W. Users can find their favorite flavors to use within this power range.
If the output power set by the user is too high, the high temperature generated by the coil will cause the e-liquid to evaporate too much. Before the e-liquid can be added, the surrounding cotton will burn the cotton and produce a burnt smell, which will affect the taste and taste.
2. E-liquid. The biggest impact of e-liquid on the life of the atomizing core is “carbon deposition”. E-liquid is transferred to the coil through cotton, and the coil is heated to produce mist. It will also form a black substance on the coil due to high temperature, which is commonly known as “carbon deposit”. Although the basic components of e-liquid are the same, the raw materials and additives of each brand of e-liquid are different, which will lead to different speeds of “carbon deposition”. For example, “Malaysian e-juice” is recognized as a “high-carbon” e-juice because of its flavor characteristics and high sugar content.
3. Improper use. When using a new atomizing core, whether it is a finished product or RBA self-made, you need to master the correct method of use, especially the finished atomizing core should pay attention to the preparation work before use. Most of the finished atomizers have been installed with atomizing cores when they leave the factory. After the consumer receives it, it is best to remove the atomizing core first, drop a small amount of smoke oil into the cotton around the oil hole and the coil, and soak the cotton. This step is called “running the core”.
The purpose of this is to moisten the cotton in advance, so that the e-liquid can be absorbed more smoothly. Because there are a lot of fluff on the surface of cotton fiber, in a dry state, a “lotus effect” will appear. The fine fluff forms a surface on the surface, and oil droplets will slide on the fluff surface, making it difficult to enter the cotton fibers. If you have made an RBA atomizer, when you put the vape oil into the wick after wearing cotton, if the oil dripping speed is too fast, the oil droplets will roll along the cotton fibers, and the phenomenon of “not dripping” will appear. After the cotton is completely wet, the oil absorption process becomes very smooth.