What are the Effective Alternatives to Tobacco and Nicotine Products?

According to a report from the Croatian Institute of Public Health (CROHM), countries promoting alternative tobacco and nicotine products, such as Sweden and the United Kingdom, have seen a decline in both the number of smokers and smoking-related diseases. Conversely, Croatia has long maintained a high number of smokers, reaching approximately one million people.

Michael Landl, the President of the World Vapers Alliance, the world’s largest e-cigarette user association, stated that alternative tobacco and nicotine products are currently the most effective smoking cessation method.

During the inaugural “International Conference on Alternative Tobacco and Nicotine Products,” several doctors and scientists warned that many smokers in Croatia mistakenly believe that alternative products are as harmful as traditional cigarettes, or even worse. This misconception is attributed to insufficient information and strict regulatory limitations.

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