What are the consequences of smoking a cigarette that has expired?

Can I smoke an electronic cigarette oil that has expired?

The components of electronic cigarette oil are relatively stable molecules and can be stored for a long time. Although the shelf life is generally labeled as one to two years, it can in fact be used for more than 3 years. If you have concerns about storing your vape oil for a long time, then don’t use it.

There are many variables to consider when determining the shelf life of a vape oil. The quality of PG, VG, nicotine and flavorings, the ratio of them mixed together, and the conditions in which the vape oil is stored will all affect the shelf life of your vape oil.

The shelf life of the smoking oil is a conservative way of writing, the fact that mature smoking oil formulas have not been found to deteriorate in extreme experiments, generally speaking the deterioration is caused by a bad smoking oil formula and unreasonable ratios, the most accurate way to determine if you can smoke it is to smoke it and see if there are any major changes in flavor.
Tobacco oil stored for a long time, there may be three changes:

1. Taste change

The storage of tobacco oil will occur in the alcoholic reaction, just like wine, a slight change in flavor is normal.

About the mellowing reaction: After half a year of storage, some of the fruit flavors become more mellow, with a little bit of fruit acidity, and the overall taste is softer. All these stored samples of the company were taken by the customer to the exhibition in Germany. This shows that good tobacco oil is not only good to smoke, but also more mellow like wine after long storage. A good vape oil has a storage value. Don’t worry about the shelf life all the time.

2. Discoloration

The color may change from colorless to light red, light brown, etc. Generally speaking, the discoloration will stabilize in 1 to 2 months. If the color of the oil continues to change dramatically after six months of storage, it is likely to deteriorate.

3. Deterioration

The shelf life of a tobacco oil is a conservative way of writing. The fact that proven vape oil formulations have not been found to deteriorate in extreme experiments. Generally speaking spoilage is caused by poorly formulated and unreasonable ratios of tobacco oil. The most accurate way to determine if you can smoke is to smoke it and see if there are any major changes in flavor.

Storage: Each family’s formula is different, to avoid changes in taste, try to be stored away from light and heat.

It is important to note that the oil must be kept sealed. The oil contains glycerin, which is a water-absorbent substance. If stored open for a long time, the fragrance will evaporate, in addition to the oil will absorb a lot of moisture in the air, containing more moisture will definitely deteriorate.