What are the categories of vape smoking oil?

According to its editorial survey and research, 95% of players are not able to say the full category of electronic cigarette smoking oil, the most appearing on the market are the fruit classification, cream class, tobacco class, and milk class, today I have compiled a relatively complete classification of smoking oil for your reference:

What are the categories of electronic cigarette smoking oil?
1、Fruit classification
2, health category
3, tobacco category
4、Beverages and alcoholic beverages
6、Food category
7、Herbal medicine

1, fruit classification of tobacco oil
This category is the most common, but also all players of the first pit first choice of tobacco oil, fruit classification, to put it bluntly, is usually we have seen or eaten fruit, such as apple, peach, blackberry, blueberry, strawberry, cherry, lemon, cantaloupe, cantaloupe, cantaloupe, cantaloupe, cantaloupe.
For example: apples, peach, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, cherries, lemons, cantaloupe, melon, grapes, grapefruit, passion fruit, watermelon, pineapple, coconut, bananas, lychees, mixed fruit, millets, oranges, almonds, apricots, black walnuts, cinnamon, umeboshi, snake fruit, hazelnuts, oranges, mangoes, peanuts, pear fragrance, compound basin seeds, dates, pomegranates, fruit Punch, raspberries, melons, etc..

If the ingredients are absolutely safe, fruit flavored vape oil is acceptable to about 99% of people, the choice of food-grade fruit flavors, such as TFA, Fa, Fw, Cap, HelloCig and other flavors, the production of fruit vape oil similarity is high, will not make you feel heavy chemical taste (also to avoid the so-called “very flavor “phenomenon”). Of course, if there are people who usually do not like to eat certain fruits, such as apples, durian, in the selection of time to avoid these flavors on the line.

2, health class tobacco oil
No modesty, I have a health class of tobacco oil in the market is absolutely rare, such as. Breath freshener, oral freshener, no taste, Big Ma, health care No. 1, health care No. 2, vitamins.
There are many small partners consulting: the effect is good?

Try not to understand, what’s the big deal.
3, tobacco-based tobacco oil
A lot of small partners asked me, tobacco taste like real tobacco? Not exactly like. 100% to do the feeling of real cigarettes, is unlikely, paper cigarettes are burned up to smoke food, electronic cigarettes smoking is vapor, of course, you want to add some tar in the oil, looking for the feeling of real cigarettes, rather than directly smoking paper cigarettes. We all understand.

44 cigarette flavors (including domestic and foreign): Marlboro, cigar, Camel, Gold Bianchen, Wrigley, Kool, Soft Seven Star, Newport, Peace, Paramount, Salon, Seven Star, Three Five, Lucky, Seven Star Menthol, Davidoff, roasted tobacco type, Rambo, strong, light, Virginia, Cloudston, Long Red, General, Benson, Black Devil, Mixed, Custer, Cigar Cherry, Gao Xi Ba, Xi Lu, French Pipe, golden Virginia, Hilton, Indonesia 234 ding cigarettes, Indonesia Sambo lindin cigarettes, Indonesia salt Kurdin cigarettes, Indonesia salt high Kurdin cigarettes, Indonesia Dajimdin cigarettes, China, Ruyi, Hibiscus King, Liqun, Yuxi.

4、Beverages and alcoholic beverages
Electronic cigarette oil of tea is also classified in this category.
40 different flavors: for example, Pepsi, Red Bull, coffee, Coke, Green Arrow, chocolate, green tea, black tea, Dr. Pepper, cappuccino, caramel, mocha caramel, coconut milk, cream chocolate, mint chocolate, milk tea, green beans, oats, champagne, cream, eggnog, red wine, rum, whiskey, French brandy, brandy, bitter amaretto, beer, blackcurrant, cream rum, honey, Bubble gum, butterscotch, cheesecake, vanilla bourbon, rum and grape ice cream, cotton candy, ice cream, waffles, Tieguanyin.
Highly recommended flavors: Iron Goddess of Mercy, (iced) Red Bull, (iced) black tea, green tea, red wine, milk tea.

5, milk electronic cigarette oil
If you have a sweet tooth, milk-based electronic cigarette oil will be your choice of rations, plus the right amount of sweetener, the taste is rich and aromatic.
Highly recommended flavors: mother’s milk, absolute hold, vanilla cream, banana dessert

6, food-based electronic cigarette oil
Basically, it is similar to the taste of milk, belonging to the electronic cigarette oil with sweetness. Ace chess player, dusk memory, mint chocolate, strawberry cheesecake, a thousand miles away, the sea of rage, Oreo cookies, strawberry pineapple cake, cosmic fog, abandoned pawn, lemon sugar cubes, pineapple cake.
Highly recommended: ace chess player, Oreo cookies

7、Herbal category
Do not be surprised to see ginger, mustard players, the existence of that is reasonable, some people like some people are sick.
The other day in a house forum to do the crowd side, randomly sent to the winning staff 2 bottles of ginger and fennel, but has not received the feedback of this big brother forum review, I think it is also thrown. Heartache my oil.

19 kinds: vanilla, peppermint, pepper-like mint, jasmine, rose, rosemary, lisianthus, cinnamon, clove, ginger, ginseng, wolfberry, lavender, licorice, chamomile, mustard, cocoa, angelica, fennel

These are the 7 major types of electronic cigarette oils, how many do you remember? Just need to understand the general classification on the line, because vape businesses around the world are still constantly launching new products, I organized for you is only the tip of the iceberg, looking for rations is to keep trying, it is recommended to buy more 5Ml use pack, both cheap and can smoke different flavors of electronic cigarette oil.