What are the advantages and disadvantages of disposable vape cigarettes

Using disposable vape is very simple. Take it out of the packaging and remove the sticker or silicone plug from the device. Once this is done, you can inhale and start vaping.

You don’t have to worry about refilling disposable vapes. However, some disposables are rechargeable and can be charged and discharged many times before juicing. When you run out of juice, just toss it in the electronic trash. Disposable vape cannot be thrown in the regular trash because they have lithium-ion batteries, so please dispose of them properly!

Advantages of Disposable vape
easy to use
smoke imitation cigarette
with satisfying nicotine salts
no maintenance
no need to add
More portable than a tank+mod setup
cheaper in the short term
Disadvantages of disposable vape
cannot be refilled
Can not be customized

Does not taste as good as other types of vapes
not that strong
Less usage time compared to tank+mod setup
long term more expensive