WA seizes 300,000 e-cigarettes valued at $10 million

According to foreign media ABC. according to the website reported on August 14, Australia’s Western Australia health department recently seized 300,000 sticks of 15 tons of e-cigarettes, with an estimated value of 10 million U.S. dollars, from a warehouse in the northeast of Perth. In addition, more than 10 tons of smoke bombs were seized. This is reportedly the largest e-cigarette seizure in the state and China to date.

According to a statement from Western Australia’s Health Minister Amber-Jade Sanderson, the government said more than 300,000 e-cigarettes had been found, and that the surprise action followed reports.

According to data from June, Western Australia Health has prosecuted just one retailer for illegally selling cigarettes, tar, and e-cigarettes in the past 12 months. Since then, the Western Australian government’s e-cigarette regulatory system has been criticized and questioned.

Under the Drugs and Poisons Act 2014, the maximum penalty for selling tobacco, tar, and e-cigarettes in WA is a fine of $45,000 and three years in prison and $225,000 for companies.

In the 12 months to June, 43,000 illegal e-cigarettes were seized in Western Australia and dozens of warnings were issued. In May, the Department of Health acknowledged that no fines had been imposed for illegal possession of e-cigarettes. The device cartridges have been widely used in stores and underground online delivery services in Perth. It is illegal to sell e-cigarettes without a prescription from a pharmacist.



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