Vitura plans to launch prescription vapes to take advantage of the market opportunity

Vitura Australia has launched prescription vapes, seizing market opportunities under new laws and regulations. Companies will add prescription vapes to their online service platform Canview.


According to Australian media themarketherald, Vitura (ASX:VIT) has announced that it will begin offering a “smoke-free” solution, or more specifically, a prescription vaping. Australia’s capital, Canberra, is turning vapes into prescription drugs. In the new legal environment, Vitura sees the new law as a “market opportunity.” As of last trading, the company’s share price was $25.


Vitura was quick to respond to Canberra’s new law, which came into effect this month, banning the sale of over-the-counter vapes. Vitura had spotted a “market opportunity”. Vitura is preparing to become a prescription vapes provider. Adding prescription vapes to its online service platform CanView as a smoking cessation product.


The practice is not surprising for companies that have not hesitated to enter the pharmaceutical marijuana market, including deals related to prescription drug ex-clinic providers and the mysterious pharmaceutical hallucinogens space. Today, Vitura has fairly assessed the reasons for this decision.


“To support the recent and planned changes to the TGA, all NVPs can only rely on medical prescriptions, which can only be dispensed by pharmacists.” “Vitura has added this novel vertical to its product supply and distribution ecosystem, CanView,” Vitura wrote in a statement.


A loophole hidden in the new federal law created Vitura’s big ambitions in the prescription e-cigarette market. Doctors and nurse professionals will be able to issue e-cigarette prescriptions when they pass the “Special Access Program Channel C” review, without having to apply for pre-approval from the health watchdog.