Vietnamese authorities seized 2,219 vape products

Police in the city of Lo Shan in Vietnam province raided a shop and seized 2,219 e-cigarette brands of unknown origin, including 755 bottles of liquid, 870 e-cigarette butts, and 594 Pods. The owner could not provide invoices and confirmation of the origin of the goods, saying they were bought on social networking sites and resold. Law enforcement authorities seized the goods and conducted an investigation.


According to Vietnamese local media, Thuonghieucongluan reported on January 5, in a raid in Luoshan City, Vietnam, police seized 2,219 types of electronic cigarettes and e-cigarette oil products of unknown origin.


Police in Luoshan City recently carried out raids on shops in the area of the city. During the inspection, the enforcement agency found that a large number of e-cigarettes and vaping fluids were sold at the inspected locations, including 755 bottles of e-liquids, 870 e-cigarette butts, a and 594 flexible e-cigarettes with various colors. A total of 2219 e-cigarette brands were found.


During the inspection, the shopkeeper was unable to provide invoices for all the goods and documents confirming the origin of the goods and said he could easily buy them on social networking sites in order to resell them for a profit.


In this regard, all illegal goods have been recorded and temporarily seized by law enforcement agencies in order to initiate investigations and deal with them in accordance with the relevant regulations.