Vietnam health department says vape increases crime

In 2021, the complexities of vape products in Vietnam were actually reported. At that time, the health department was considering regulating the industry, calling it an “emerging problem. According to him, many non-smokers will try vape products, become addicted to nicotine, and then turn to smoke due to a lack of access to e-liquid. The ministry also warned that many scientific studies would prove that e-cigarette products are as harmful as smoking.

Today, while no specific regulations are in place, the ministry is taking back responsibility in the form of a document sent to the country’s municipal and provincial people’s committees and several ministers. The memorandum calls for increased communication about “the dangers of electronic nicotine delivery systems or vape, heated tobacco products, and hookahs.

In addition to the health risks of vape products, the ministry said that vape products and heated tobacco may also pose “a risk of social ills, especially crimes related to drugs and other addictive substances.

Two years have passed since the health minister first intervened in vape products in Vietnam. This period of time apparently did not allow him to properly understand e-cigarette products, which multiple studies have shown to help quit smoking.

In 2019, it is estimated that nearly 25% of the Vietnamese population is a smoker. The change from 2010 is minimal, at about 26%.