Vapes are the fastest growing grocery in the UK and sales are expected to reach $1.15 billion in 2023

According to the British Food Weekly and Market research data, the fastest-growing commodity in the UK has changed from cigarettes to e-cigarettes. Sales of e-cigarettes have soared, especially among teenagers. The British government plans to ban young citizens from smoking and take measures against the use of e-cigarettes by teenagers. However, some countries are making efforts to ban the use of vapes.

According to TheGrocer and market research firm Nielsen (NIQ), based on data published in 2023, vapes are the fastest-growing grocery item in the UK, overtaking cigars, tobacco, and tobacco.

Before this, British President Rishi Sunak also said that the government should take measures against the use of e-cigarettes by teenagers. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), more than 3.6 million U.S. middle and high school students used e-cigarettes in 2018.

According to data shared by NIQ and TheGrocer, the value sales of e-cigarette brands in the UK have risen sharply. Market experts point out that e-cigarette sales are expected to reach $1.15 billion by 2023. Among them, the LostMary brand is the most popular e-cigarette brand.

In 2022, sales of LostMary e-cigarettes exceeded £310 million (about $400 million), and it is known as the fastest-growing grocery in the UK. In addition to sales, NIQ also announced that e-cigarette sales have also increased significantly, which means that more and more consumers are buying these vapes.

However, as more research reveals the real threat posed by e-cigarette brands, many countries are working to ban their use. According to Euronews, the UK government plans to follow the Scottish government’s lead and restrict the use of vapes by young people. EU member states such as Ireland are also announcing major crackdowns on e-cigarette brands. At the same time, some other countries have banned the use of vapes.