Vape now taxed, says South African government

At the end of 2022, the government department announced the preparation of a new law aimed at better combating smoking in the country. While this clearly distinguishes between tobacco products and e-cigarette products, the Electronic Cigarette Defense Association protests that the vast majority of measures apply to both types of products. Not long ago, on June 1, the first provision took effect. As a result, the current tax rate for all e-cigarette oils is R2.90/ml (€0.14).

According to its Vapingsavedmylife Consumer Association (VSML), this new tax will result in a 5.8% to 217% increase in the price of liquids, depending on the size of the bottle. kurtYeo, co-founder of VSML, said: “This tax will hurt those who use e-cigarettes to quit smoking as well as local small businesses – it will do more harm than good.”

It’s a new blow for e-cigarette users in South Africa and the associations that defend them, especially because the new laws that are supposed to govern the e-cigarette market still haven’t been enacted. As a result, the trouble has only just begun.

In South Africa, the number of smokers in 2019 reached 20% of the total population.