Unconventional Sight in Quebec Nun Spotted Exiting an E-Cigarette Store

In a surprising turn of events, a nun in the city of Dolbeau, Quebec, Canada, has captured the attention of social media after being spotted leaving an electronic cigarette store. The remarkable scene was documented on TikTok by user Nadia Martyniuk (@mnadia17), and as of Thursday, the video has garnered over 331,600 views.

The Scene:

The video portrays the nun clad in a black robe and a blue habit, cautiously exiting the vape shop, appearing to look around to ensure her surroundings are secure. The video’s caption, “How unholy,” reflects the playful sentiments of the videographer.

As of now, it cannot be confirmed whether the nun made a purchase at the e-cigarette store.

Social Media Reactions:

Comments on social media indicate that many viewers found the rare sight intriguing. “Oh my, never thought I’d see something like this,” one user wrote. “Holy smoke,” another comment quipped. Some speculations suggest that perhaps this could be a way for the nun to relieve stress amid the pressures of her responsibilities.

In the comments section, references were made to instances where nuns have been found using substances unrelated to their religious duties. This may allude to the “Sisters of the Valley” in California, an organization known for cultivating marijuana and operating a CBD company.


The nun’s visit to the e-cigarette store in Dolbeau, Quebec, adds a unique and unexpected twist to the narrative of nuns engaging with unconventional substances. The social media reactions highlight the fascination and amusement this event has generated. As the video continues to circulate, it raises questions about the personal choices and coping mechanisms of individuals within religious orders. This incident serves as a reminder that even those in seemingly traditional roles may have surprising aspects to their lives, sparking conversations about the intersection of personal choices and societal expectations.

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