UK’s second largest waste recycling company launches Vape Recycling Scheme program

As reported by Talkingretail in relation to the launch of the e-cigarette recycling scheme by UK waste recycling company Biffa, the scheme allows consumers to safely dispose of disposable e-cigarettes via in-store garbage cans, solving the waste problem once and for all and assisting stores and supermarkets in complying with the law.

As part of the e-cigarette recycling program services offered to retailers, Biffa will provide the following services:

Provide branded display containers of varying capacities;
Collect used e-cigarettes at least once per quarter, or more frequently if necessary to meet NWFD4 requirements;
Notify retailers to prepare documentation prior to collection;
Provide collection schedules, completion and any wasted trip reports through myBiffa;
Offering a fixed national price based on the size of the package or an option that can be added as an add-on to the existing Biffa small WEEE recycling service.

Biffa also offers e-cigarette recycling bins at dozens of other locations across the UK, including airports, freeway service areas, NHS (National Health Service) sites, universities and colleges, train stations, distribution centers, shopping centers and offices.

Biffa takes these e-cigarettes to an authorized processing facility, where they are dismantled and components such as batteries, casings, and electronic components are separated out and processed separately. Up to 80% of the e-cigarette device can be recycled.

Daniel Barrett, a representative of Biffa, said:

“It is critical that disposable e-cigarettes are disposed of through trusted, authorized facilities. Too many e-cigarettes end up in landfills or are incinerated, preventing the recycling of intact materials such as lithium and plastics.

According to the editor, Biffa is a scrap recycling company based in High Wycombe, UK. It provides collection, landfill, recycling and special waste services to local authorities and commercial and industrial customers in the United Kingdom. As of 2017, it is the second largest waste recycling company in the United Kingdom