Ukrainian government asks vape sales sites to check age of visitors

On August 11, the Ukrainian government said on its official website that it has asked the websites of manufacturers and buyers of electronic cigarettes and heated tobacco systems to check the age of visitors. These websites include information about sales, maintenance, and information about accessories for tobacco and tar products.

According to the Ukrainian government, there is a need to develop identification systems to browse and sell tobacco systems and e-cigarette websites and to require visitors to provide documents that can confirm their age.

Government officials developed relevant decisions aimed at implementing the relevant laws and regulations (Law No. 1978) to protect the public from the harmful effects of cigarettes.

At the same time, they noted that the introduction of good practices from the European Union would help to protect children and adolescents from the harmful effects of tobacco products by limiting their access to these products and avoiding their use by minors.



【1】Уряд зобов’язав веб-сайти із продажу електронних сигарет перевіряти вік відвідувачів