Ukraine to impose excise tax on disposable vape, effective 2026

According to Ukrainian media reports, the Dnipropetrovsk regional branch of the Ukrainian Tax Service has hinted that disposable e-cigarette products will soon be subject to excise tax.

Recently, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky signed Bill 8287, which from January 1, 2026, imposes an  electronic excise tax on e-cigarettes and other cigarette products, including e-liquids.

In July of this year, Ukraine said that e-cigarettes in flavors other than cigarette flavor (ENDS) The ban will come into effect on July 11th.

Additionally, starting January 11, 2024, Ukraine will require warnings incorporating text and pictures on 65% of the area on both sides of the package. The fine for violation is 30,000 Ukrainian hryvnia ($812) and 50,000 Ukrainian hryvnia per violation.