UK Vape Industry Association has launched a petition to urge the government not to ban single-use and fruit vape

Recently, according to the British Electronic Cigarette Industry Association, (UKVIA) According to the official website, UKVIA is now calling on smokers, electronic cigarette users, and most relevant industries to jointly launch a petition, hoping that the British government does not ban the sale of disposable electronic cigarettes and fruit e-cigarettes.

The launch of the petition is closely linked to the ongoing public consultation on youth e-cigarette use, which ended on December 6.

The petition reveals to the public the potentially serious public health consequences of “excessive and counterproductive legislation” that would reduce the effectiveness of e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation tool. The warning states that blocking access to e-cigarettes and single-use e-cigarettes may deter adult smokers from transitioning to e-cigarettes. Therefore, most smokers who want to quit rely on these flavors and disposable e-cigarettes.

In this regard, the UK e-cigarette Industry Association is directly contacting its members, online promotion groups, and online communities with more than 100,000 adult e-cigarette users in the hope that they will immediately launch a boycott. The association also operates heavily on social media platforms to maximize the number of petition signatures and share real cases where e-cigarettes have helped them quit smoking and improve their quality of life.

JohnDunne, director general of the Association, said: “Banning heavy-duty e-cigarettes and flavored e-cigarettes could be the most serious health setback of this century and could set back the smoke-free process by several years.”

He stressed that it is very important to prevent youth access to e-cigarettes, but not at the expense of the likelihood that adult smokers will quit.

In addition, Dunn also said that if single-use products or fruit-flavored e-cigarettes were banned, it could promote rapid growth in black market sales, provide a financial source for criminals, and could lead to unregulated and potentially dangerous illegal products. This has already happened in Australia and other countries.

To this end, the association specifically launched this petition to provide a platform for millions of adults who have successfully quit smoking through disposable e-cigarettes and fruit-flavored e-cigarettes.

The new petition is part of the “new Petition drive” Savsaving, SaveLives campaign, which includes providing information to association members to encourage and mobilize e-cigarette users to participate in the Government’s youth e-cigarette use consultation exercise. Further details about the Save Cigarettes Save campaign and the petition can be found on the official UK e-Cigarette Industry Association website.