UK, has been blocked due to concerns about illegal vapes and fake cigarettes

A small convenience store in Stoke Harbour has been blocked from selling ethanol because of the sale of illegal vapes and fake cigarettes, and the Trading Standards Authority has objected to applying for a license to sell alcohol.


According to the British local media, Stoke Sentinel reported that due to the sale of illegal vapes and counterfeit tobacco, the business license application of a small grocery store in Stoke Port, England, has been opposed by the Trading Standards Agency.


After Dhiana Nasumudeen submitted his application for a business license, Trading Standards made two visits. In response to Trading Standards’ objections, he said he had taken several flexible approaches and had “suspended all activities deemed illegal by the Trading Standards team”.


In its rebuttal, Trading Standards said: “On 12 October 2023, a packet of counterfeit branded tobacco was sold to a tobacco industry representative for $5. It also sells an “R&MTornado” strawberry-grape flavored e-cigarette for £12, with a manual indicating that the device has a liquid capacity of 14ml, exceeding the UK legal limit of 2ml.


According to the report, the applicant acquired the business in August last year and changed its use to include selling food, beverages, and cigarettes.


He wants to offer takeaway alcohol between 9 am and 11 pm seven days a week. In communication with the city council, he noted changes to Trading Standards inspections, including removing all visible cigarette products from shelves and “prominently” Posting notices of the legal age to buy such products in shops.