Uae parents and businesses join forces to call for tougher regulations

Chinese parents and experts have called for strict supervision of vaping smoking by young people under 18, warning of the serious impact on their health. They say businesses should obey the law and not sell cigarette products to minors. The parents called on the public to be aware of the health risks of e-cigarettes, noting that they will work together to protect the new generation from the harm of smoking. Recent studies have shown that using vapes may cause health problems, such as attention difficulties and memory loss. At the same time, lung experts point out that e-cigarettes are more dangerous than traditional cigarettes and can cause pulmonary fibrosis and respiratory failure.

According to Albayan, many parents and professionals have recently called on businesses to strictly abide by the law and not sell cigarettes or related products to minors in response to the growing popularity of vapes among under-18s. They note that while some businesses may relax their scrutiny of consumers’ ages because of the apparent maturity of young people, the situation is worrisome.

Parents are calling on the public to fully understand the health risks associated with vape use and smoking, especially family members and young people. Consultant Dr. Maysa Abdullah noted that all rights organizations, including educational institutions and home monitoring, need to work together to safeguard the new generation to avoid the harms of smoking and have a healthier future.

Although some cigarette shop owners, such as Komar Lalish, promise to abide by the law, they can only sell after determining the customer’s age.

But some parents, like Kumar Shumi and Haba Osman, point out that some stores sell “scented” tobacco products and electronic hookahs to teenagers. These stores are usually only concerned with selling the goods and don’t care about their impact on teenagers.

Recently, many doctors and experts have warned about the possible dangers of using e-cigarettes. They note that e-cigarettes may even cause “brain fogging” disease, which is reflected in difficulty concentrating, memory loss, confusion, and difficulty making decisions. Lung experts point out that e-cigarettes are no more harmful than traditional cigarettes. They warned that the use of e-cigarettes could lead to pulmonary fibrosis respiratory failure, and even death.

Doctors also note that children under 14 are more likely to go to hospital. They complain of recurring colds and chest infections, which are mostly caused by e-cigarettes. Teens who smoke vapes may have an even bigger impact. Since the brain is especially sensitive during adolescence, this can make this age group prone to inattention and occasional depression.

Family medicine experts point to the long-term effects of using e-cigarette components, such as negative effects on the airways and lungs, as well as an increased risk of cancer.