Turkish police seize 25,000 illegal Vape products

Police seized 25,000 illegally smuggled e-cigarette products worth 15 million Turkish lira (approximately 4.09 million yuan) in a truck at a location on the TEM highway in Turkey’s Havsa County in Edirne, Turkish media platform medyagazete reported on July 17th.
The Smuggling and Organized Crime Fighting Section (KaçakçılıkveOrganizeSuçlarlaMücadele Şubesi) of the Edirne Province Police Department is continuing to investigate the statistics.

The investigation was carried out by the police team at the Havsa Division of TEM Highway and the truck was heading towards Istanbul and was driven by the suspect with the name M.Y..

After this operation, the driver M.Y. was arrested. The seized products were placed at the provincial police station.