Turkey’s CHP strictly enforces vape import ban

According to Turkish media sondakika July 5, Turkey’s health protection center deputy director Murat Emir said that although the country banned the import of e-cigarettes, but a variety of websites are sold electronic cigarettes. At the same time, Murat Emir also submitted written questions to the Turkish Grand National Assembly, demanding that the Ministry of Commerce must answer.


Murat Emir asked why it is tolerated that e-cigarettes are not sold openly on shopping websites when the health department and the Ministry of Commerce have explicitly “banned” e-cigarettes from entering the country. Why is it tolerated to advertise and clear customs on dozens of websites?


Murat Emir said Turkey banned the importation and sale of e-cigarettes in 2020, and all necessary materials must be sold openly on shopping sites. And the only precautionary measures taken by the health department and the State Ministry of Commerce is to issue advertisements and notices, which they believe will solve the problem. But the fact that e-cigarette products are now at their fingertips shows that they have not checked and have not taken responsibility.


Murat Emir believes that the authorities should take the necessary measures, especially by banning pro-e-cigarette health advertising on the Internet. In addition, locations of sale should be identified and deterrent penalties should be imposed.


Murat Emir also posed the following questions to the Ministry of Trade:

How will the import and sale of e-cigarette products be banned for customs clearance?
Which checks were conducted on the import of e-cigarettes in 2022?
Were sanctions imposed on e-commerce companies as a result of the inspections?
If imposed, which companies were fined how much?